Ways To Plan Your Holidays, According to Your Relationship Status

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Last Updated: Dec 24, 2019

As the holidays approach, most of us make plans on how we will spend them. Some of the plans include hiking, skating, travel trips, watching movies and partying.

The choice of all these depends on interest and relationship status.

If you are married you may want to consider the kids.

Likewise, if you are dating, you need to make time for your partner and if you are single it’s only your interest that matters. At another angle, the holiday is a time when you meet old friends and would like an update on your status. Each particular status has different experiences.

Let’s check out different experiences on common status.

Single People

Single is independent and yet lonely in a crowd of couples. They get to explore the world without anyone restricting their activities. Of course, they have those friends who are very eager to know the relationship progress. Is there any guy or any girl? Are expected questions that can take any emotional direction?

The conversation may become magical especially if there is progress; updates on how hot or lovely the new guy is are the common tales. On the other hand, the response could be angry and charged with negative emotions.

Answers such as ‘none of your business’ are common whether thought or spoken. If you are the single person with no progress just shift the conversation to a part of you that you do not mind discussing and keep the ‘none of your business’ answer to yourself. This will save the day.


Single from a Breakup

Breaking up when the holidays are close is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Well, on the bright side, you will be free to enjoy your holiday the way you like. On the other hand, you will have a million questions to answer such as what happened.

When did it happen? And all sorts of questions that do not really matter to you. The best thing is to accept the fact that your friends and family will miss your ex and therefore, you have no right to hate them since you introduced them. Just explain why it happened and make them to positively understand.

Freshly Dating

This is the most amazing status; everything is just magical and the tales are told with nostalgia. The feelings of love are at its strongest points. Probably one of them is interacting with the new family and everything feels foreign.

How they do things is quite different from how you are used. Holidays can be really hard because it is an extensive time and adapting to the new environment might be really hard. The best thing is to communicate with your partner about everything that bothers you. Your partner can help you get through all the strange things. At this point how you enjoy your holiday depends on what you both agree on.


Long-Term Dating

This is a state when most people are expecting a marriage proposal. The obvious questions that you expect during the holiday include ‘when are you making it official?’ from parents, friends, grandparents and anyone who thinks you should be married by now. Does that suck isn’t it? Especially for the lady who is waiting for the unknown hence has no answer to the question.

At least the man can have a ‘guess’ of what is going to happen. Just understand that they mean well for you when they check your progress. In some cases, holidays are when most men propose. Therefore, as the holidays approach some long-term dates expect fun and proposal apart from the unpleasant question.

Newly Married

Marriage is like a new chapter of life; it is charged with mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety on how to start a new life. Adjusting to accepting one large family with in-laws is not an easy task; it calls for patience and understanding.

During the holidays, you get to know the true being of everyone since you spend a lot of time together. All you need is to accept and understand the new family. Both of you should find a way of bringing the two families together.


Recently Divorced

Divorce is currently a common thing in the world but it does not make it any easy for the victims. The holiday will obviously be filled with anger, bitterness and such. There is not much to enjoy on a holiday that comes after an immediate divorce. It is a time when the separated couples make new resolutions. If you are a victim, treat your partner well as you start a new life.

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Holidays have different definitions for different relationship status. The only common thing is the people you’ll meet during the holiday. However, the questions they ask depend on their status. Irrespective of your relationship status, always aim for the best every holiday season.

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