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How To Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Terrible Fashion Sense

Sometime TV presenter Kelly Brook is barely hanging on out of the worst dressed lists, but her fiancé David McIntosh definitely brought bad fashion sense straight to the stratosphere.main_2987039a

If you have a man who has really bad sense in dressing up, there are certain remedies you can do.

There is a guaranteed cure

It is normal for heterosexual men to not know the true meaning of “fashion.” Some of these men are just conscious about the practicality of their clothes. It is enough for these guys to have someone else tell them the right things to wear. This saves them from the responsibility for how they look and making the decision of what to wear.2_2987043a

Make him think he wants to wear what you tell him to

There are certain things to consider if you are planning to turn a bad dressed David McIntosh into a sharp suited David Beckham. You need patience, you need to give him freedom, and you need to make him wear what you want him to wear because he thinks he wants to wear that. Never tell him that you don’t like the clothes he wears. Men easily get offended by that. What you can do is buy him clothes every now and then, or go with him when shopping for clothes. When you have all the good clothes, complement him and tell him how good he looks with those new clothes you practically chose for him. Don’t forget to explain why he looks good with those clothes, so that he will somehow be educated with clothing style. The change will not happen over night though. Just be patient and continue to do this for a couple of weeks until you see some results.3_2987041a

Lost cause

If your man thinks he knows what he is doing and that he is fashionable with the wrong things he is wearing, then it is a lost cause. If he does not want any of your fashion advices, then you have a serious issue. If you can’t fix it, then you have to love what is underneath his clothes.1_2987042a

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