Measuring the Frequency of Men Thinking of Sex

There are a lot of unproven claims that men think about sex every seven seconds. That would mean they think about sex 514 times an hour, or 7,200 a day while they are awake. Even though this may be a small number compared to how many thought on anything people have in a day, this is still a pretty big number for thinking about sex. So, how many times do men really think about sex?

The method used to scientifically measure the thoughts of a person is called “experience sampling” by psychologists. A research team from Ohio State University headed by Terri Fisher used “clickers” as a way to measure people’s thoughts. They let 283 college students use the clickers to record every moment they think about sleep, food and, of course, sex.

Through this method, the researchers found out that men think about sex 19 times a day, while women think about it 10 times a day. Men also think about food and sleep more compared to women. This may mean that men are easily affected by indulgent impulses or they may consider vague impulses as thoughts, or it may be a combination of both.

Another study was done by Willhelm Hoffman and colleagues, where German adults get random notification from a smartphone for a week. They must then record, what they were thinking about before they were notified. The results show that on average, the men in the experiment think about sex once a day.

Hoffman’s study even shows that men think more about other things such as sleep, food, watching TV and other activities. It shows that sex comes in to men’s thought usually at night, however it is still second to thoughts about getting some sleep.

It seems like the myth about men thinking about sex every seven seconds is not true.

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