Husbands lack humor tops reasons why women cheat

If your wife or girlfriend is faking her laugh at your jokes, if she complains about your hygiene or your obnoxious mannerisms, or if you are not that accomplished and have no life plans on how to be successful, you must be alarmed, because your partner might be cheating.

A dating website that caters to married people who want to have an affair made a survey about why women cheat. Victoria Milan found out that women cheat because they find their partners very, very annoying. Since their partners are annoying, it seems like the best solution to cope up with that predicament is to hook up with another guy.

The website surveyed 6,000 women in their website and a staggering 73 percent of the married women in the site reveal that they cheat because they are annoyed at the behaviour and character flaws of their husbands.

The major complain that women have against their partners, according to the survey, is the dull and forceful humor that their husbands crack, which doesn’t make them laugh at all. These women probably just faked their laughs, just like how they fake their orgasms if the man is not a good performer in bed. Being terrible in bed, by the way, is also one of the reasons why women cheat.

Over half of the women who answered the survey admitted that they want a lover who does not posses the negative traits they find really irritating and obnoxious in their current partners.

The top ten reasons why women cheat on their husbands include their man lacks sense of humor at 19%, not understanding 16%, bad in bed 14%, lacks good manners 11%, lazy and has no life plans 10%, poor hygiene and doesn’t care about his appearance 9%, not successful 7%, doesn’t pay attention to details 5%, mama’s boy 5%, and stingy 4%.

So, if you want to keep your wife or your girlfriend, these are some of the best attributes to work on to.

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