If You Want To Be Married With the Love of Your Life forever, Here Are Tips

It seems that these days, divorce is more common than weddings. If you don’t want to be divorced from your partner ever, you have to know that some factors affect the odds of you being married with the same person forever.Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

According to a study from Emory University, the higher the cost of the engagement ring, the higher risk there is for couples to divorce. Say if you spent around $2,000-$4,000 or even higher than that on an engagement ring, you also increase the chances of you being divorced.

The study was conducted by Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon. They studied 3,000 married couples in the US to identify the factors that would contribute to the divorce. It’s a prediction for divorce. They factored income, religious attendance, the importance of physical looks for each partner, the number of wedding guests, and more factors normally associated with eventual marital dissolution.

As a result, Francis and Mialon came up with suggestions for couples if they want to minimize their chances of getting divorce.

Date for three years before getting engaged, be wealthy enough but don’t gold-dig, invite a lot of your closest families and friends to your wedding but remember to keep it cheap and no matter what happens do not skip the honeymoon.

Both Francis and Mialon said the outcome of their study provides little validity to the wedding industry’s message that should make weddings expensive to get positive marital outcome. An average wedding these days cost at least $30,000.

Therefore, a strong marriage is an intentional one.

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