Remarkable Relationship Lessons From Rashida Jones

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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2016

Rashida Jones is an adorable writer, actor and producer who is based West Hollywood. Being a daughter of musician Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Rashida, a Harvard graduate in religion and philosophy who once hoped of becoming a judge or a president has done many things a little differently. Before joining Parks and Recreation, she spent years on TV shows like Freaks and Geeks and Boston Republic. Let’s have a look at some remarkable relationship lessons from Rashida Jones.

Prioritizing Important Things

As a teenager, Jones reckons that she was a chubby nerd and no one was trying to have sex with her. Instead, she resorted to other interesting things like concentrating in studies and being of good character in school. Jones believes that your identity as a teenager is the one that shapes you for the rest of your life. She is ever regretful with her teenager life when she was overweight credit to her poor eating habits. During family vacations, she could wake up an hour before everyone to prepare a hefty breakfast and then go back to sleep.

Parental Inspiration

Parental Inspiration
With her father working on Michael Jackson’s albums and her mom as a famous beauty, Jones felt quite different when she was a kid. Luckily, her parents were supporting her in everything she was interested in. Although her parents encouraged her interests in the law, her big in events came to surface after college when she realized what she wanted in life.

Being A Woman and Sexy

In an article she recently wrote for Glamour Magazine, Jones despaired about the pornification of pop culture. She reckoned some normal accessories among pop stars, such as stripper poles, tongue action, G-strings and boobs, noting that there are various ways to be a woman and sexy. Even if you are not that attractive to some people, you can still be their best partners when it comes to bed matters, according to Jones.

Getting Attracted

Rashida Jones says that when it comes to establishing a relationship, you should find someone you feel attracted to. It is also important to establish whether they have the same feelings for you. Though you may be desperate in finding someone to become your partner, it’s not a good idea to just go for anyone if at all they don’t show some interest in you. It’s worth noting that you are making a lifetime commitment to someone you will live with for life.

Establishing a Relationship

Iron Out Imperfections

According to Jones, you are subject to meet someone with his or her own sort of unique imperfections. However, if you realize that your partner is hitting at all your deals, it can be quite recommendable to let go the little things. She reckons that majority of successful relationships are all about appreciating the strengths in your partner rather than putting more focus on their weaknesses. Additionally, you should have a short list about the most important things in your relationship that enables you to find someone with matching values and ideals, Jones notes.

Feel Respected

Feeling respected is an important feature in every successful relationship. You should also show respect to your partner if you want to be respected. This means there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when your partner is around. For instance, if s/he doesn’t like smoking, avoid it whenever you are together. On the other hand, try to learn what makes your partner feel respected. It could just be helping with little deeds like ironing their shirts.

Fun Together

Have Fun Together

Rashida Jones says that most women would say that they would appreciate being around men who can make them laugh. A great way to laugh with your partner is by engaging in entertaining activities together, such as watching a comedy or reading comical stories and many more. It’s not a surprise that a massage can drive your partner into a thrilling experience. In other words, try to identify whichever activities that instill laughter in your partner.

Be Patient

Although Rashida Jones is single, she has been in various relationships in the past that she found interesting. She notes that identifying what works and what doesn’t is important in any relationship. Saying that she had the fantasy of a princess at a younger age, Jones insists that the only way to succeed is the most important thing for every woman. Acknowledging that she is happy with her life without kids or being, Jones notes it has taken her a long time to get to a point where she feels comfortable but it doesn’t make her feel like a loser.

Don’t Compare With Others

Everyone was made different and we all have varying choices in life. Jones says that suggesting that you are a feminist by comparing yourself with other women is a very dangerous example to set. Jones has stood strong being single and without kids yet she writes a lot on relationships. Being in your comfort zone without feeling as a loser when you look at your friends doesn’t make you any less of a person.

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