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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016

Have you been wondering why everyone on social media is fixated with the love story of Kath and Vince? It’s been trending in the past few weeks with many people expressing their curiosity to find about the progress of the two love birds. While it’s very natural for Filipinos to be held with any kind of love story, a TV show, movie or book sounds incomplete unless there is a touch of romance and drama that appeals nearly everyone. That’s an element that makes them to get interested-making anything romantic to be among the best sellers.

How It Started?

As fictional characters, the love story of Kath and Vince began in a form of a conversation. From their text messages, they have exposed the sweetness and shortcomings in their relationship. It’s a Pinoy love tale that involves a third character by the name Jake. Other than their personal issues, the two also are faced with other problems in their demanding state of affairs like the sickness of Kathy’s father.

Story Gone Viral

Life and Social Media
Soon after the love story was posted on Facebook’s page Life and Social Media, thousands of internet addicts got hooked to following the flow of the tale series. With lots of followers, the story is trending in other social platforms like Twitter with everyone waiting for the next chapters about the tale. Some people are speculating that the story has infused ladies with higher expectations when it comes to their perfect mates.

In addition, a certain photo demonstrating the supposed real images of the two characters has been circulating in the social media. Nevertheless, the author behind the story says it was made up and she will disclose the real characters soon after the story is concluded.

Noting that the story is meant to inspire hearts and relationships, the author insists that any positive person will come to realize that “efforts” are the major content of the tale. According to the author, this fictional story is not meant to set standards for any boy or girl when choosing their mates, adding that she is not demanding men to behave like Vince.

Characters’ Roles

Characters Roles

Kath is a college beauty queen while Vince is a varsity basketball player. Being tall, dark, and handsome, Vince happens to be the typical campus heartthrob. On the other hand, Kath is the cutest girl in the college who is looking for someone to establish a genuine relationship with. In the first part of the story entitled “CRUSH,” Vince develops interest in Kath. The tale began when Vince garnered the courage to say hi to Kath who he has been admiring for a long time though he couldn’t express his affection. Soon after initiating a conversation, Vince started instilling efforts without allowing Kath to become aware that he was behind everything that was going on.

Building Relationship

Since the couple was engaging regularly in conversation via texts, it reached a point when their relationship became fully established. Later, the two become couples and their friendship prompts Vince to propose a marriage to Kath.

Kath was so grateful to all her supporter following her stories, particularly those who were sending her messages of appreciation as well as gratitude.

Author Behind The Story

Almocera Reckons

While this story has definitely won the hearts of may people from different walks of life, Jenny Ruth Almocera, aka Queen Elly, is the lady behind this romantic tale who is somehow different from the person you could imagine. The 21-year-old full-time mum wrote the story via the mobile app Yassy but never thought it would go viral.

In an interview, Almocera reckons that her story was inspired by random people she had met in her life. The experiences she had in college with her friends and the romantic moments greatly inspired her, she said.

Almocera disclosed that her 36-year-old husband is the one who inspired Vince’s character in the story and every little sweet deed that Vince did in the story had been done by her husband.

Offers Awarded

Several small film productions houses made offers to the young writer to transform the love story into a movie. Almocera will be portraying the character of Kath in the movie and she is looking for actors to play the role of Vince and Jake. She intends to create a story that is centered on the value of a family.

Offers Awarded


Many stories are continually being posted in different social media. Some are inspiring while others are unbelievable. With everything turning according to his expectations, lots of people still don’t believe that characters like Vince really expect. It’s after putting a lot of effort and overcoming challenges that helped their relationship to become stronger to a point that he could propose for a marriage. From this inspiring story, anyone interested in a lifetime relationship should learn that challenges are there to be faced from every angle.

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