Delve into The Love Story of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest modern billionaires whose life and love story show us that nothing is impossible and love has no barriers. It’s hard to believe that a beautiful, unbelievably rich, self-sufficient and highly successful man can become happy with an elegant and simple woman, at first glance. The love story of Mark and Priscilla proves the society that the relationship based on respect, devotion, mutual understanding, faith in each other’s ability to succeed works miracles and helps partners fulfill their inner potential, make a breakthrough and become happy regardless of everything. Read on the article and you’ll know how Mark and Priscilla turned a spark in their hearts into wondrous, warm and long-lasting relationship and marriage.

Unusual Meeting

1. Unusual Meeting

Twelve years ago, a run-of-the-mill student Mark Zuckerberg met a girl, who made his heart beat faster. Mark first caught Priscilla’s eye in the waiting line for such unromantic place as washroom. Mark didn’t have even the remotest idea that such unusual meeting of their hearts would turn his life around. At that time, computer genius wasn’t obsessed with relationship and dating, but he realized that the meeting in the line was a sign of destiny and started dating with Priscilla. He knew deep down in his heart that Priscilla was a frank, genuine and kind-hearted kindred spirit.

2. Their Love Overcame the Challenge of a Long-Distance Relationship

The next phase of the relationship between Mark and Priscilla was difficult for them due to the Zuckerberg’s attempts to pursue his passion. He spent a lot of time and efforts to start and develop Facebook. Meanwhile, Priscilla lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, because she was the student of Harvard University. From time to time, long-distance gave birth to relationship problems, but they didn’t give up. They dated at least once a week to see each other, play board games and walk in the park. Every relationship needs a reality check and it seems that they’ve surmounted all barriers towards their happiness.

Long-Distance Relationship

3. An Unexpected Surprise For Their Dearest And Nearest

Another extremely important event in the love story of Mark and Priscilla took place in 2012. They gathered about one hundred guests on the occasion of Priscilla’s graduation from Medical School. But it was just a ploy to get their guests over there. Once, the guests had arrived, Mark Zuckerberg explained everyone that it was going to be their wedding ceremony. They decided to make such a surprise, because they were at the peak of their fame and they wanted to keep the most memorable family event a secret.

4. Mark Made a Romantic Surprise For Priscill

After one year, Zuckerberg decided to mark their anniversary with help of a touching facebook video, dedicated to his wife Priscilla. That deed made his wife feel incredibly happy and touched the hearts of millions of facebook users, because the video consisted of the photos of happy past moments, experienced together with Priscilla. Mark told the whole world that they had gone through difficult times together. He expressed gratitude to Priscilla for love, understanding, psychological support, patience and devotion.

Baby Girl

5. A New Addition in The Family

The last and maybe one of the most significant events of their love story was the birth of a baby girl, called Max. Even three miscarriages experienced by Priscilla over the last few years didn’t plunge a young couple into depression or despair. The child’s appearance gave hope for the future and a new meaning to the family life of Mark and Pricilla. One more thing that made their love story special was Mark’s and Priscilla’s letter to their daughter. Follow the link and you’ll have an opportunity to read this worthy of recognition and inspiring kind of appeal of one generation to another.

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I hope this inspiring article will help young people from all over the world understand that pure love, happy family, mutual understanding and kids are still the main priorities in life. When we read about this couple’s life and love stories, we understand that sometimes it’s crucially important to close the eyes to fears, stereotypes and public opinion, in order to become happy and successful. Every young lady has a chance to become the wife of a billionaire and create a happy family union, if she loves him with all her heart and believes in his success more than he does.

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