Major change on Facebook makes it your business to probe friends’ personal lives

It seems like the phrase “Mind your own business” is the thing of the past especially with Facebook’s new “invasive” button, which allows its users to probe friends about their relationship status in life.

The news of this new button has broken out and already has a lot of the social network’s current users protesting calling the additional feature “naggy”, “creepy”, and an “awkward invasion of privacy”.

Exactly how it works is by sending your friend an “ask” request that says “Hello! I am wondering about your relationship!”

But like being sent a friend request, you have every option to answer the questioning or ignore it. You can also share the answer to the general public if you want to.

Some users have taken their disapproval to other social network platforms and said the new button is unnecessary and plainly awkward. Some have even said Facebook is worse than the NSA because it exploits its users’ private information.

In 2010, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended Facebook’s intrusive maneuvers by saying the people are now comfortable not only to share more personal information but also to share it publicly.

Zuckerberg said it is their mission to constantly update their system with the current norms.

Non-skeptics believe that the new Facebook button just bridges single people to the other in a way to express their “interest to one another”.

One man even said it’s a gentleman move to hit the ask button to the person you like.

Maybe Facebook is now just trying to play cupid, or it’s really trying to invade people’s privacy. What’s sure is, the new feature will add revenue to the giant social networking website.

Ultimately, if you don’t want your privacy invaded,, be vigilant. If you wish to share, share. If you don’t then, just don’t.

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