• Relationships

    Words to make people like you more

    It is what you say that will make a long lasting impression on people. The words that often come out of your mouth will define you. That’s why you should focus on it much more than how you look... Read More

  • Relationships

    Eloping the right way

    If you are a maverick and you value spontaneity with your partner, you can elope as an alternative to the traditional marriage ceremonies. If you want to ditch all the pressure of preparing for a grand wedding, you can... Read More

  • Relationships

    Husbands lack humor tops reasons why women cheat

    If your wife or girlfriend is faking her laugh at your jokes, if she complains about your hygiene or your obnoxious mannerisms, or if you are not that accomplished and have no life plans on how to be successful,... Read More

  • Relationships

    Make friends in your 20s through mixed party

    Making new friends is very easy. That was when you were still in high school or in college. But now that you are in your mid or late 20s, you get soaked up in your work and you find... Read More

  • experienced having a crush


    Does Person You Have Crush On, Likes You Back?

    We all have experienced having a crush, it starts from the early teenage years and the cycle of having crush on the opposite sex is actually an amazing, tickling feeling. Now what if you want to know if the... Read More

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