• Relationships

    Top Mistakes Women Commit in Divorce

    Divorce is not only painful; it can also get quite complicated. It involves a roller coaster ride of emotions and messy legal processes. Some of the most important decisions you have to make in life happen in divorce. Here... Read More

  • Relationships

    Fonts That Define Your Personality

    British designer Sarah Hyndman who is an expert in typography found out through her research that people’s taste in fonts in food can determine their personality and even their love lives. Burlingame. This has a jelly-like feel. Baskerville. Designed... Read More

  • Relationships

    Tindafella Dates Woman He Mocked

    Tindafella, whose real name is Jarrod Allen, has a notorious reputation for making parodies out of the pictures of women he sees in the dating platform Tinder. Like mocking women through mimicking them hilariously isn’t weird enough, Allen ended... Read More

  • Relationships

    8 Leading Straightforward Reasons Why Men Leave Their Wives

    He’s just not man enough, he is a jerk, or it simply didn’t work out between them. These are some of the first things that come to people’s minds whenever they hear cases of men leaving their wives. But... Read More

  • Relationships

    10 Obvious Signs He’s That Into You

    Along with the advancement of technology, dating has also evolved into something else. There are countless apps and websites that make the hook-up culture easier, providing a long list of date candidates for the singles and not-so-singles. But they... Read More

  • Relationships

    Russian Husband and Wife Both Wear Dress, Look The Same

    Same-sex marriage is banned in Russia. Besides that, there are an increasing number of cases of violence against homosexuals in that country, especially since it is considered a mental illness there since 1999. But Alison Brooks and Alina Davis... Read More

  • Lifestyle: Fashion Latest Trends and Health & Beauty Tips

    Do you want your relationship to be happy and fulfilling? Here are the rules to follow

    Many relationships don’t last for long mainly because those involved feel the expectations they had before entering in to the relationship are not being met. A happy and healthy relationship needs to be built not just found. Here are... Read More

  • Relationships

    Subtle Steps To Get Back With Your Ex

    There are unwritten rules about breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are unwritten rules about getting back together. You just can’t approach him or her and say “can we give it one more chance?” Here are... Read More

  • Relationships

    Best Ways To Console A Suicidal Friend

    There are a lot of people that are contemplating suicide and they usually keep it to themselves because they don’t like how other people react. Some people keep silent, others ask why, change the subject, make jokes, and others... Read More

  • Relationships

    5 Dating Fails You Need to Learn Now

    Surprisingly, dating can reveal a lot of things you probably haven’t even heard of before. So if you want to learn, take note of the following things: 1. His hand position could tell a lot about him. If you... Read More


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