• Relationships

    5 Things Husbands Wish their Wives wouldn’t Take so Seriously

    A single misunderstanding could go a long way. If you don’t believe that, ask the men. According to science there’s a reason why husbands and wives misunderstand each other. That reason is called communication bias. It’s that familiar feeling... Read More

  • Relationships

    10 Easy Romantic Gestures To Melt Your Woman’s Heart

    When it comes to wooing, you don’t always have to play the romantic cliche cards. Otherwise you’ll be looking forward to a sour and dour relationship that wouldn’t even get to the ‘long run’. Here are untypical romantic gestures,... Read More

  • Relationships

    9 People Science Says will Most Likely Cheat on You

    Love is blind. Otherwise you would know you’re dating a shady little liar. But according to our trusty friend, Science, you can now know if you’re dating a cheater or if that person will most likely cheat on you.... Read More

  • Relationships

    Things To Consider When Moving In With Partner

    You have been dating for several years now, and you think that the next big step is to move in together – not get married, just move in. Moving is a growing trend in America, UK, and Australia. Some... Read More

  • Relationships

    World’s Most Unbelievable Wedding Traditions

    A wedding is one of life’s most momentous events. There are different wedding traditions all over the world. Some of them make the ceremony sweeter, some are unforgettable, while there are other wedding traditions that are just outrageously unbelievable.... Read More

  • Lifestyle: Fashion Latest Trends and Health & Beauty Tips

    Top Happiness Tips From The Pope

    There are a lot of motivational speakers and personal development gurus out there who can give you guidelines on how to be truly happy in life. But where else can you get the best advice for happiness than from... Read More

  • Relationships

    10 Obvious Signs He Is Really Flirting With You

    A lot of people can’t tell if someone is just being friendly or is actually flirting with them. This is more prevalent especially among women. If you are bad at recognizing flirtation, here are some obvious signs that will... Read More

  • Relationships

    Couple Dies On Same Day After 62 Years Of Marriage

    Every girl wants Ryan Gosling as their partner after seeing The Notebook, and it seems like for one particular couple, that love story came true. Don and Maxine Simpson of Bakersfield, California died on the same day just a... Read More

  • Relationships

    Romantic Clichés Men Do That Really Aren’t

    The traditional stuff that men do to show they love a woman are not all necessarily romantic. Just because most guys do it, doesn’t mean they work. Just because you’ve seen it in one of those romantic movies, doesn’t... Read More

  • Relationships

    Dating Rules You REALLY Shouldn’t Follow

    The norms of the society have put up rules on almost everything, even dating. There are dating rules and regulations created by society that you shouldn’t follow. These rules promise that if you follow them, you will find your... Read More


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