3 Red Flags Which Reveals If Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Toxic relationships are everywhere. They’re actually so common nowadays you might even be in one yourself.

Have you felt like maybe it would save some trouble if you cut the relationship off now, have you ever thought that maybe it would be best if you both didn’t waste each other’s time constantly arguing day after day? If you’ve had those thoughts, you might be in a toxic relationship.

There are a few common signs you’ll feel if your relationship is truly over:

  • You’ll constantly feel drained and uninterested in basically everything around you, most of all your relationship.
  • You’ll often find yourself having a major lack of trust when it comes to what your partner has been up to or who they’ve been talking to.
  • There’s always tense air about the room when you’re both in one place at the same time.

These are all very valid concerns and feelings you’re probably experiencing in some form or another when it comes to your relationship. To dive in a bit deeper, we’ve laid out the 3 key ways to know if your relationship is gone for good. If your relationship has met all of these points mentioned below, we suggest that you move on for the sake of both of you.

Communication Is Non-Existent

Communication Is Non-Existent
If you’ve found that both you and your partner, neither of you go out of your way to send a good morning text, or check up on them when they’re out running errands, or even simple conversation in the evening, this means communication is lacking.

While if your communication between you and your partner is a bit on the lesser side, this doesn’t exactly condemn you to a failing relationship. Communication is the key to any relationship, and if you both still want the relationship together, you can work together to build up that comfort and communication again.

But if that drive and want of the relationship is not there, you’re most likely hanging on to this relationship because you’re both “comfortable” or simply don’t want to let go of past memories. When you lack communication and lack the drive to actually want to heal together as a team, you’ll find that the relationship is usually at a point of no return.

Cheating Is A Regular Thing

Cheating Is A Regular Thing
If you’ve had your suspicions about your partner cheating, you’re gut is usually right when it picks up something off or strange. If it turns out he actually is cheating and taking advantage of you, you need to exit the relationship as quickly as possible.

Some key ways to know whether or not your partner might be cheating:

  • They stay out the majority of the night.
  • They don’t pay attention to you as much.
  • They seem distant all the time and blame it on being tired or work.
  • You catch them in little white lies.
  • They use their phone all the time privately.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who is cheating, this should be wake up a sign as you read this. Don’t put someone through that kind of pain even if you aren’t in love with them anymore. Grow up and move on with your life if you are interested in other people behind your partner’s back.

Shutting Out Help Is The Norm

Shutting Out Help Is The Norm

Whether the help is being offered by your partner or by participating in couples therapy, that sort of disconnect either on your end or your partners will begin to destroy the relationship surely.

If you’re refusing to get help from an outside source when your partner is asking for you to try, you should then realize that you’re not committed to this relationship anymore. You’re distant, and you no longer have the same level of care that’s being expressed to you from your partner. This goes vice versa for your partner as well.

Shutting out your partner’s help is not normal, it’s a huge disconnect you’re experiencing between the two of you. Partners in relationships should be there for each other, to be there so you both can grow together through life. Sometimes asking for help is needed and that’s not something to be ashamed of.

If you both refuse to get help and give up on trying to reconcile the relationship, take it as a sign. Because your relationship is over.

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Just reading these key points won’t heal your relationship overnight, but if you both want to work together to make the relationship work, you always can. But sometimes by taking a step back and evaluating the situation, asking yourself if it’s really worth it, is the better thing to do in the end.

Sometimes falling out of love is natural, not caused by cheating, but just because of natural things that happen in two individuals lives.

If you feel as though you’re falling out of the relationship, communicate those feelings with your partner. Express to them how you truly feel and be honest with them about how you personally want to move forward.

Finding that balance between what is the right choice for you and what you want out of the relationship is something you need to pay attention to. No article will fix the broken relationship, but hopefully, now you’ll be able to see the red flags.

Now you’ll be able to walk through the situation and know exactly where you need to go for yourself. Put yourself first and don’t be afraid, to be honest.

Do you feel like you will still work towards finding a balance with your unique relationship? Do you feel like your relationship is over?

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