Romantic Clichés Men Do That Really Aren’t

The traditional stuff that men do to show they love a woman are not all necessarily romantic. Just because most guys do it, doesn’t mean they work. Just because you’ve seen it in one of those romantic movies, doesn’t mean ladies dig it.

Here are common things men think are romantic but are actually not:

  • Heart Jewellery. This is an obvious message to the woman that you can’t come up with an idea on what to give, which means you are not thoughtful.
  • Heart Jewelery

  • Teddy Bear. This is a cheap effortless gift, which gives out a sign to the ladies the same message that heart jewelleries have.
  • Teddy Bear

  • Fight For Love. It sounds poetic and heroic to fight for a lady you love. You may fist fight with another guy just to win a girl, but ladies are looking for men, not boys in a clubhouse. Just take what happened between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. The whole world cringed when Bloom failed to land the punch on Bieber’s face, gah! But that’s another story.
  • Playing an alternative classic. This technique to get in women’s pants does not work anymore. It died along with Kurt Cobain.
  • Home-cooked meals. A candle light dinner at home is extra romantic, but not if you don’t know how to cook.
  • Home-cooked meals

  • Public Proposal. There are viral videos in social media sites that show men proposing to their woman in public and it looks sweet. But have you seen those humiliating videos where the woman didn’t just say “no,” she also slapped the guy in the face and walked out. You can profess your love even without a lot of people watching.
  • Public Proposal

  • Luxurious gifts you can’t afford. You bought her a new car! Hurrah! Now, you have to feed her cheap food because you have to pay monthly for that debt.
  • Luxurious gifts you can’t afford
  • Scaring her. One does not simply sneak on a woman while she is making a salad, because you might get stabbed.
  • Tickle Fighting. It looks good on TV because supermodels or famous superstars are doing it. But in reality, it is very exhausting, you run out of breath, you get very tired, and you might get punched in the eye.
  • Awkward Love Confession. When men pour everything out during the last minute of a vacation, it just might not work for the woman. It is very inconvenient for her.

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