10 Most Romantic places For Proposing in Liverpool

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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017

A proposal needs to be romantic from the environment, dress code, time and the words to be used among others. In case you are looking for the best place to have your proposal done, Liverpool has so many places that will leave your spouse in amazement. Liverpool has plenty of stunning sunsets, beaches, and sceneries that are very convenient while making a proposal. The following are the 10 best and most romantic places for proposing.

1. Sefton Park Lake

It is a very beautiful place on the edge of South Liverpool. In case your partner loves flowers, then this is the best place that will make them most comfortable. This is because it is a home full of flower patches, ornamental garden, and lakes. The 235-acre park has all the necessary conditions that will help you pop out your proposal in a romantic way guaranteeing you a “yes” answer.

2. Wirral Country Park

The Wirral County Park is another best place for a proposal in addition to its stunning views of wildlife and picnic sites. There is a footpath that leads to the coastal path high above the beach. You get a beautiful view of the Dee Estuary giving you memories that will never fade. There is plenty of wildlife that will help you keep off the fear and augment the courage to pop up the big question.

3. Japanese Gardens in Calderstones Park

Japanese Gardens in Calderstones Park

This place is a tranquil oasis that is so beautiful and full of vibrant colors. There is a lake that brings a cooling effect making it so convenient for the proposal. In addition, there is woodland that can be explored while in the process of a proposal. Isn’t it so romantic to propose in the woods? Very few have discovered it and such a proposal cannot be forgotten easily.

4. The Walled Garden in Woolton Woods

Do you love secret places? This is the best place to be that will give you the confidence to propose. In the middle of the woods lies a walled beautiful garden that is perfect for a proposal. There are touching tributes of loved ones that you can pass time reading before you get the courage to get on your knee and propose. This place is so romantic and memorable.

5. Crosby Beach

In this place, you will find so many people but they will not interrupt the good times with your partner. The sunset light bounces off water giving you a very beautiful picture that will forever give you memories of this big day. There are so many views that will help your eyes remain busy as you await your answer after asking that major question.

Crosby Beach

6. Hoylake

This place will not only be suitable for your proposal but also for the wedding thereafter. It is perfect for pictures giving a very beautiful and memorable background. Red rocks are found here whereby when sunlight hits them they tend to glow. Isn’t it beautiful? The sweeping view and breeze from the sea give you a cooling effect as you are about to ask, “Will you marry me?” as you walk along the beach with your partner.

7. Pier Head

It has very beautiful sunset that gives many people confidence. Therefore, Pier Head is the best place to be and present your marriage proposal. The view across River Mersey makes it so romantic for your proposal. Rivers or other water bodies have their own ways of making an environment look romantic.

Pier Head

8. Top of Anglican Cathedral at Sunset

The cathedral is a beauty in itself, making it so convenient for those who want to make their proposal before God. It is also one of the highest points in Liverpool enabling you to take so many views. This place also allows you get a very beautiful view of the sunset. And you can take photos with a very beautiful background worth to be kept.

9. Otterspool Promenade

In Liverpool, this is another best romantic place to conduct your proposal. Take an evening walk on this day in the Otterspool Promenade whereby the environment is 100% conducive for you to ask the big question.

10. Formby Pinewoods

During a proposal, most people tend to be tense and shy when the thought of the answer they will receive hits their brains. A negative answer makes one feel ashamed and the need to hide comes along. Formby Pinewoods can save you that awful moment or your shy face while asking the big question. The reason to this is that the pinewoods cast romantic shadows as the sun streams across the tall pines hiding some parts of your face. There is perfect lighting that is very suitable for a marriage proposal.

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The above are 10 best places for a proposal. You do not need to search anywhere else in Liverpool. Choose any of the above and you will be glad. And be optimistic that the answer will be a definite “YES.”

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