Top 10 ways to Save Money on Valentine Gifts

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Last Updated: Feb 9, 2017

It is possible to save money on Valentine’s gift. In addition there some people who become bankrupt as early as 14th February due to lack of proper management of finances. The gifts are always expensive but you don’t have to present a gift to keep your partner happy. There are other ways which can make your partner happier than the expensive gifts. On this day, it is hard for couples and married people to save. A research has revealed that the expected sales for this year are over $19.7 billion giving an increase of $1.1 billion from last year.

The following are 10 ways to save money on valentine gifts

1. Buy Early

During valentine, all gifts related to this day are always very expensive compared to all other days. Take advantage and buy a gift a month before which will help you save so much. Five days to Valentine’s is the time cost rises because most people buy the gifts and keep them for surprise purpose. In case you get late it will be impossible for you to save as you had planned.

2. Shop Together For What You Want

The moment you are alone, buying a gift will always be a challenge that will lead you to spend more than expected. Your partner will help you save because he/she will be able to choose the desired gift at a cheaper price. Valentine’s gifts especially live flowers do not last for long hence you need to choose the cheapest. No matter how expensive they are, they will all wither and be forgotten.

Buy Early

3. Do Not Buy A Vase

A vase is not important rather it makes the whole process so expensive. Save the amount you had planned for the vase because holding live red flowers without a vase looks romantic than compared to a vase.

4. Make A Meal At Home

Valentine’s Day is a very expensive time when you take meals in the restaurant. Buy all the ingredients in the market and prepare the meal at home. It is sweeter and cleaner as compared to meals cooked in the hotel. Taking an example of an already baked cake which you do not know when it was prepared encourages you to bake a fresh one. Expired flour can give your stomach a very hard time. Foods prepared in a restaurant are not healthy because most of them are full of junk and may not be completely clean during preparation.

5. Choose Different Delivery Day

It is not a must you celebrate Valentine’s on that specific date. Postpone the date and you will find it so cheap from the food, clothing, and gifts. You will be able to save more than expected.

Different Delivery Day

6. Set A Spending Limit

Budgeting can save you so much during this day. Avoid spending your money blindly rather save it for other important purposes in life. Plan before you shop for the gifts and your mind will be set not to use more money than you had planned.

7. Do Not Buy Roses

It is just a belief and a lifestyle that a red rose must be given for Valentine’s Day. Be creative and choose something not common for Valentine’s that your partner will love. Some examples of such gifts include a watch, necklace, card, dress, shirt among many others. These gifts last longer and are important as compared to roses.

8. Use Coupons

Coupons can easily be found online. This is one of the best ways to save during this day. The majority of the online items have coupons. Therefore, while buying online avoid those items that don’t have coupons for special offers and discounts. In case you did not know about coupons, now this is other best way that will help you save more than you can imagine.

9. Celebrate on an Alternate Day

Discuss with your partner the importance of celebrating on a different day and I am sure he/she will buy the idea. Choose a day after the Valentine’s whereby you find the roses are so cheap since most people celebrated on that specific day. All gifts meant for the Valentine’s become cheap abruptly since they cannot wait for another year to be sold. In case you had made a budget before and after, you will be in a position to know how much you saved.

Celebrate on an Alternate Day

10. Shop Online

This is the best way to shop for Valentine’s gifts since the majority of online vendors are very reliable from delivery to cost. You will be in a position to save on transport and also avoid unnecessary purchases when you go by yourself. Check for vendors who will be fast to deliver and will not bring bad quality gifts.

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Saving money makes you move and develop in life. The above 10 ways will be the best to help you save money this Valentine. Choose wisely and you will be glad you did not overspend.

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