Sex and Sensuality for 50-Year-Olds

In your mid-life, you may stray away from sexuality and the culprit is menopause. You might say you are done with your sexual endeavours and would rather focus all the energy you have left on family or friends. You can also say, “even at my mid-life I am still sexually active and I am having so much fun.”

Both of these statements are correct, you can either enrich the sexual aspect of your life or simply let it go. It all boils down to choice.

But if you want to pursue your sexual and sensual desires, here are some important things you should consider:

  1. Change the routine. If you have been doing the same thing, same position, at the same time, and on the same schedule, then it definitely would get boring. Think about changing the routines and the patterns. This would definitely spice up your sexual relationship with your husband or your wife. You can change the bed sheets, something silkier perhaps. You can also add candles or put on your favourite music when you were younger. You can try new positions in bed, or you can try it without the bed, or even outside of the bedroom. Remember, it is just a matter of choice.
  2. Intimacy. It is not about rigorous sex, it is about connection and intimacy. Remember that foreplay is always important in spicing up your sexual relationship.
  3. Put on a sexy movie. Studies found that women, even those undergoing menopause get sexually stimulated when watching erotic movies. So, don’t be embarrassed to put on those sexy films.
  4. Explore. Try giving each other a sensual foot massage. Try doing it in the bathroom while in the hot tub or while taking a shower. If your partner is hesitant, do it on your own anyway. If you do, you will feel free and alive again, like how it used to be 20++ years ago. Perhaps your partner might get aroused and join you.

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