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People often wonder what does it mean to be in a serious relationship and what are the signs of a healthy relationship. And it comes as no surprise that many people look for relationship advice whether they are in a new relationship, a long term commitment with another person, a healthy long distance relationship, or a completely casual dating relationship. People are complicated. We each come with a unique set of personality traits, likes and dislikes, good and bad habits, and all sorts of other quirks. We feel our feelings differently and express our emotions in a whole multitude of ways leaving so many things up for interpretation. These qualities of humanness can make relationships and their status difficult to understand at times, especially at the beginning of new romantic relationship.

With each different combination of individuals in a relationship, the dynamic changes and creates a new and unique set of complications in understanding where the relationship stands. But in our uniqueness, there are still some traditional signs that most people will find to accurately indicate that you are in a committed relationship. So if you are at all confused about the status of your romantic relationship, continue reading for 10 signs of a serious relationship.

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10 Signs of a Committed Relationship

1. You spend significant amounts of time together.

Let’s face it, we live a very busy world filled with responsibilities and obligations. We have careers, homes, families, and friends that demand a lot of our attention and the majority of our time. Life leaves us very few hours of free time these days making those hours valuable and cherished. Most of us choose to spend those hours doing things that we love, things that make us truly happy. So if your partner is choosing to spend those valuable free hours with you, that is a great indicator that you are in a committed relationship.

2. You go on vacation together.

Vacations require planning, money, and the spending of that valuable yet scarce commodity, free time. If you and your partner take vacations together that is a good sign that you are in a committed relationship. In addition to all that is involved in planning and taking a vacation, there is also a certain amount of making memories that happens during vacations. When your partner is wanting to make lifelong memories with you, you can safely assume that they are in it for the long run.

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3. You plan for the future together.

When you start making plans that go beyond the next few days and well into the future, it indicates that your partner is planning to be with you for the long term. You may find that you are planning dates around your individual schedules, but also you may be planning bigger things like vacations and family events together. Any planning of this sort is a sure sign that your relationship is in the commitment zone.

4. You share your passwords and pin numbers with each other.

Pin numbers and passwords are sacred these days in the information age where all of our private and sensitive information is password protected. Many of us prefer to maintain strict control and secrecy over this type of access. Until that day when you realize you trust another person enough to give them access to your secure information. It is important for someone else to have a way of gaining access in the event of an emergency, but it can be difficult to trust anyone with that access. When you start sharing passwords and pin numbers with each other, that is a sign of serious trust and commitment.

5. You express your feelings for each other regularly.

Being open and honest about all things is the essence of a committed relationship definition. This includes speaking openly about your feelings for each other. Everyone wants to know that they are loved. And one of the easiest ways to communicate your love for another is to just say it. If you and your partner freely express your feelings for one another regularly, especially by expressing your desire for a loving and committed relationship, then you are probably in a serious commitment.

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6. You ask each other for advice.

By asking each other for advice, it means that you respect each other’s thoughts and opinions. It means that you value their intellect and will listen to their suggestions and recommendations. So if you are wondering how do you get someone committed, start asking for their advice. It will show them a different level of intimacy that is a great sign to indicate that you want to make a commitment.

7. You appreciate the little things.

If you have ever asked what is love and commitment, know that appreciation and gratitude for all things big and small are central to healthy relationships. But the little things are the true focus in the day to day life of a committed relationship. Showing your appreciation for one another is such a huge sign that there is love and respect at the center of your relationship.

You talk easily with one another.

Ease in communication indicates a level of comfort that is necessary for a healthy and rewarding relationship. If you and your partner can speak easily with one another about any topic no matter how benign or serious, then you are most likely in the perfect position for a healthy committed relationship.

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9. You feel safe and protected around each other.

You should always feel safe in all of your relationships, but especially in a romantic committed relationship. If ever you feel unsafe in a relationship, whether it be physically or emotionally, that is a major sign that your relationship is over. Trust is involved in feelings of protection and once trust breaks down, you can be sure there are commitment problems not far behind. But if you both nurture an environment that is safe for one another, you can be sure to have a lasting and loving relationship.

10. You encourage one another to follow your dreams.

Love and jealousy cannot exist together. One serious sign of commitment issues is when jealousy rears its ugly head. But when love and trust are abundantly present, you are able to selflessly support one another’s goals and dreams, for better or worse, for the sake of uplifting the person you love.


So if you were wondering what does it mean to make a commitment, then follow these 10 ways of ensuring that you are being the best partner that you can be. If you are questioning your current relationship and are looking for commitment issue signs, then look for the opposite of these healthy signs of a good relationship. The same tips apply in the case of long distance relationship advice with the extra added contingency that distance may make some of these qualities harder to attain, but by no means impossible.

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