How Smartphones Can Wreck Your Relationship?

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Last Updated: Dec 7, 2016

A study from Daily Mail shows that already 75% of women have confirmed the ability of smartphones to ruin relationships. Owning a Smartphone has become a basic need in the world bringing communication as simple as possible. In addition, it has contributed to the difficulties occurring in relationships today. The reason for this is that most partners think that phone calls and texting is an easy way of communication. Despite the traditional ways of communication being termed as old fashioned, they are used to keep relationships strong since they involved meeting physically unlike the use of smartphones.
Ways in which smartphones contribute to the ruin in smartphones

1. Giving Too Much Time to the Smartphone than Your Relationship

Smartphones have come with so many entertaining apps in which some are very addictive. Therefore, you find a couple getting glued to the apps while next to each other. These apps make the couples forget to communicate while together and use that time to chat with other friends. Referring to an example where one partner is not a fun of texting but the other one is, in this case one partner will feel bored all through. This makes trust depreciate creating withdrawal and later the relationship will end if the partner does not change.

2. Lack of Mindfulness

Lack of Mindfulness
A smartphone has benefits but it is a threat to relationships. The moment you are together, it’s wiser to switch off the internet connection to prevent the distractions that come along. These notifications from Facebook and Twitter among others make people become irrevocably immersed in digital life. The notifications and all popups cannot be ignored easily. Therefore, to avoid them you just need to switch off your Smartphone or rather the internet connection.

3. Destabilization of Relationships

Being in a relationship requires you to mind the wellness of your partner. Smartphones have destabilized this aspect by minding about what other people have commented on your post on social media and how many likes you have acquired after posting your picture. Smartphones have become partners instead of just being a device to bring you closer to your partner. These smartphones have made us

  • Become indifferent to the real world
  • Seek validity and recognition from people we do not know
  • Fail to seek and interact with people we know
  • Lose connection with real world and real people
  • Depend on virtual world
  • Get attached to meaningless approval from strangers online

4. Prioritizing the Wrong Models of Communication

Prioritizing the Wrong Models of Communication
Most people are convinced that mobile alerts and notifications are so urgent that you cannot ignore them. A convincing feeling that you must reply to text messages, emails among other accounts like your entire life depends on and as a result you become complexly attached to digital life while real life communication becomes secondary. It becomes a reality that your partner left just before you realized it. Do you really need a Smartphone in bed or in the bedroom? Enjoyable and precious moments slip away as you are busy focusing on emails, texts and Facebook notifications which is a perfect way to ruin your relationship.

5. Use of Smartphone to Relieve Stress

A Smartphone is one device you should feel less stressed while using it. In case you do not control the usage, you will just become addicted to this device. Use your partner to help you relieve stress at least when you speak out your problems to someone who cares. The response they offer gives comfort. This is in comparison to using smartphones where strangers will give false hope.

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6. Spending Too Much on Smartphones

A good smartphone is expensive hence you find people using so much money while purchasing them rather than buying gifts or providing the needs to your partner. It is risky to own a Smartphone too since the rate of theft is high. However, you find someone buying smartphones soon after the previous one has been lost or stolen. Basically, this phone is addictive and you can’t stay without it.

Spending Too Much on Smartphones


You need to have principles while dealing with your smartphone and relationship. A relationship needs time and physical communication not only relying on phone calls, but also on text messages. Make time to meet with your partner and put rules such that no phone shall be on while you are together. This is a good way to avoid looking at those disturbing notifications. You need to practice staying at least a day without a smartphone. This will be a good way to deal with addiction that comes along with it. Value your relationship more than your smartphone and you will find it working effectively.

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