Subtle Steps To Get Back With Your Ex

There are unwritten rules about breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are unwritten rules about getting back together. You just can’t approach him or her and say “can we give it one more chance?”

Here are subtle steps you can follow to getting back with your ex:

  1. You’re not stalking, you just casually strolling around his or her social media accounts like Twitter. This can help you determine if he or she is still single and still can mingle.
  2. You can write something on their wall, perhaps a “happy birthday” or a cool joke.
  3. Talking about how you matched on Tinder could be nothing serious, but at least it got you talking with each other again.
  4. Check out their social media accounts to find out if there are any boys or girl interested in your ex.
  5. Extra casual text. Not just a “high, how’s it going,” Text something longer and funnier. You can also do this via email.
  6. Finding and returning something they own that they don’t actually want in the first place.
  7. Walk by their workplace casually, like you didn’t mean it.
  8. Talking to them again for expanding your network, but will actually transition to talking about your past together.
  9. Finally, you stand outside their house.
  10. Or you can just do this last item. Let your threads of fate decide. If you really are meant for each other, the universe will conspire for the both of you to get back together.

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