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The Best Disney Princes to Date

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Would you like to date a prince? You have to pick the most attractive one. He should have an amazing personality and he should be filthy rich. But most of all, he should be a Disney prince. It would even be better if he has a sword, some fur or a flying carpet, OR, if he is REAL.

But for the sake of fun, let us examine the best Disney princes and their dating eligibility. Although some of the characters in this list are not princes, they are leading men of Disney princesses, which technically make them a Disney Prince.

Here is the top 14 Disney Princes based on dating eligibility:

14. Emperor Kuzco. This guy may be a douche, but he definitely is wealthy. Plus, he is into real estate and he likes dancing. He is from the Emperor’s New Groove.


13. Tarzan. He is not just a prince; he is the king of the jungle. He is the alpha male of his territory. He is perfectly tanned and is buffed in a very hot way.


12. The Beast. The leading man, err, beast in the Beauty and the Beast. He may have anger issues, but he has a hairy chest, animated household items, and he’s French.


11. Kristoff. This guy has a wonderful sense of humour and a reindeer. He also loves the outdoors, especially if it is in the tundra.


10. Captain John Smith. Pocahontas’ leading man is a cool, egotistical dude who hangs out with people who think they own whatever land they land on.


09. Captain Li Shang. Mulan’s leading man is quite serious, has a great physique, and looks very handsome in a uniform.


08. Prince Henry. Cinderella’s Prince Charming is rich, has a huge house, and he doesn’t care about his dates societal class.


07. Prince Florian. The prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is very charming and romantic. He can also sing wonderful songs just to tell his beloved how much he loves her. Plus, he is a great kisser; great enough to bring Snow white back from the dead.


06. Aladdin. He is quite your everyday ragged hero. He has a pet monkey, a magic carpet, and three wishes from his genie friend.


05. Prince Naveen. From The Princess and the Frog, this prince is charming and has a laid-back character.


04. Hercules. He is dopey, but he is kind of sweet. He is also a demi-god, not to mention, his dad is the Greek god of thunder.


03. Flynn Rider. This guy from Tangled is funny and sweet. He has a great hair and he is really good in Parkour.


02. Prince Phillip. He is Sleeping Beauty’s childhood friend, who became really hot when he grew up. He can wake his true love up right after slaying a dragon.


01. Prince Eric. He is very wealthy and hot. What makes him the best is that every girl wants to be The Little Mermaid.


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