The Evolution of Dating: Things You Should Know

Do you feel out of tune or really awkward whenever you start dating again after being in a relationship for a very long time? It’s not because your former partner was really good; it is because the dating game has changed drastically while you were gone.

Here are the major changes in the dating landscape:

  1. Go look for love. Don’t wait for love; go look for it. Put up your account in online dating sites, join speed dating, or even hire a love coach.
  2. Don’t be picky. You were brainwashed by “The Notebook” that every guy should be as hot looking as Ryan Gosling. Stop being so picky and remember that chemistry, connection, and friendship are more important.
  3. Communication. Be open about what you and your date expect from each other when it comes to communication, whether you want to text each other every now and then, or you prefer talking in person.
  4. Split the Bill. This does not necessarily mean chivalry is dead, but in these days’ dating landscape, ladies share an equal responsibility when it comes to paying for the bills.
  5. Be honest. If you keep beating around the bush, chances are, your relationship will be ambiguous. Be open and honest with the one you’re dating and properly explain what the status of your relationship is. This may bring up an awkward moment, but this is very enlightening.
  6. Go at your own pace. It is usual these days to have sex on the third date, but if you don’t want to dive into that yet, you should go at your preferred speed when it comes to bringing your relationship to the next level.
  7. Google yourself. When you Google yourself, you will find out what other people will learn about you if they Google you for a background check.
  8. Collect and select. Don’t be a heartbreaker; you just have to explore your options. The first date isn’t necessarily the one you are looking for, nor is the fourth and the fifth. Be patient and open minded enough until you find the one, he or she is probably looking for you too.

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