Dating An Entrepreneur : Things You Must Know

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Money is said to make the world go round so how about dating an entrepreneur? I have come to the conclusion that dating a busy man can spin your world out of proportion sometimes as you end up dating a busy man whose focus is on pursuing unending goals and meeting several targets for his business. Sometimes it feels like you are on a date with two persons and not just your man. So, let’s see these dating an entrepreneur tips to help you get a successful and a real relationship with that entrepreneur of your dream.

Entrepreneurs are Very Strange

Are you in a relationship? And is the person an entrepreneur? Then you must understand that an entrepreneur cannot be easily comprehended especially by a non-entrepreneur except with patience and more time together. Entrepreneurs get their satisfaction and motivation from setting goals and achieving them, they always strive for innovative and unconventional ideas to drive their business to an all-new level of success.

Entrepreneurs could be very emotional though it doesn’t mean they need an anxiety psychiatrist except in the case of chronic insecurity or a phobia. The push to succeed, therefore, sometimes mark the beginning of a relationship anxiety you most times don’t wish for but you get to experience more often than not dating a busy man and that’s why dating an entrepreneur is hard.

They Will Miss Events

An entrepreneur is a very busy man and so when you are dating an entrepreneur you would be dating a busy man whose attention becomes more divided he most likely would miss events not related to his business. Though not deliberate, they tend to cancel or reschedule dates and appointments quite often due to a sudden business deal/meeting that they just need to seal now! And guess what they usually would intend to make it up to you genuinely from their heart and they will tell you so.

The worst position to put an entrepreneur when dating is to ask them to choose between a relationship and the business as it looks like telling a person to choose between his heart and you.

Steady Travelers

Entrepreneurs are steady travelers. Becoming an entrepreneur could sometimes impact negatively on your relationship goals as they might need to make a lot of business trips. They pursue business opportunities, meeting up with appointments and just doing everything to meet up with multiple appointments in different locations within the shortest time frame.

The implication with dating an entrepreneur sometimes could mean you might also need to travel to events in a couple relationship except your 9 to 5 job makes that impossible.

Talk to Strangers Quite Regularly

Part of the entrepreneur personality is that there is always a new target to meet for an entrepreneur. And there is always a new kid in the bloke with the right idea or product or service to help an entrepreneur achieve his business objectives or even give approval for a business deal so the entrepreneur meets with strangers quite often if not more than once in a day.

So, are you in a relationship? Do you find it easy to become jealous when your partner meets with the opposite sex quite often? Then you most likely will experience relationship jitters with dating an entrepreneur because you cannot rule out talking or meetings with strangers of the opposite sex often.

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Ask a Lot of Questions

Entrepreneurs love learning whether it has any relationship with their business or not, therefore, they ask a lot of questions. So, if you must enjoy your relationship with an entrepreneur then you must be ready for a real relationship with an inquisitive mind who can analyze almost anything.

Sometimes dating an entrepreneur could be so annoying because due to their business drive, passion and excitement about a new project they could throw questions at you and this might happen more often than you expect. So if you do not have the nag or the entrepreneur personality it could almost drive you nuts especially if you are a 9 to 5 person and would love to keep it so.

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Normally Attract the Spotlight

Successful entrepreneurs usually attract attention whether at an event or just around the corner because success attracts many friends. So if you like a little bit more privacy or do not like getting into the spotlight too often in a couple relationship then dating an entrepreneur might just have to make all of that change or you remain out of sight which might often not be a too easy decision as you would come to discover.

They Have Strong Beliefs

What help an entrepreneur stay the long haul or succeed in the first place is their tenacity, principles, and beliefs. When dating an entrepreneur you are dating a strategist, organizer, goal setter, driver and they usually will transfer that same attitude into their relationships.

Most entrepreneurs tend to strike others as being mean, uncaring and blunt because they might use unconventional and generally unacceptable approach but they end up getting the task done.

Hate Lazy People

Most entrepreneurs get easily turned off when you cannot move with the speed of light as they usually do. Though they might not push you if you strike them as being lazy they easily get put off.

Entrepreneurs prefer hanging around people who they can share ideas. They prefer being in the midst of motivators, drivers, innovative and inspiring people. So if you are in a real relationship dating an entrepreneur and would rather have things calm and quiet then you might overtime appear lazy to an entrepreneur. You might be made to stay on the sideline for more innovative people sometimes not because they do double date but to fulfill what drives them.

Get Bored Very Quickly

The innovative nature and passion an entrepreneur carries make routine boring to them hence they find 9 to 5 jobs sometimes a challenge. An entrepreneur usually does things in a more spontaneous manner and cannot stay too long doing one thing. Also, because an entrepreneur learns a lot they expect you to do the same so you don’t sound like an old worn-out record.

Dating an entrepreneur is hard if I must say the truth and for even more reasons than I have mentioned or even you can think of but an entrepreneur does love and thinks about you more than you might believe. Becoming an entrepreneur? Agreed, an entrepreneur needs to be more concerned about the relationship too; give more time, show more affection, tell your spouse about your feelings more often. Your business and relationship could be made more beautiful just by putting yourself in the other partner’s shoes more often, role swapping.

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