Tindafella Dates Woman He Mocked

Tindafella, whose real name is Jarrod Allen, has a notorious reputation for making parodies out of the pictures of women he sees in the dating platform Tinder.

Like mocking women through mimicking them hilariously isn’t weird enough, Allen ended up dating one of the women he mocked, Sohpie Nelson. She is the girl who is drinking red wine with her foot holding the glass.3 1

Jun Date Night Together

Sophie said Jarrod is easy going, funny and great. He was also bigger than what Sophie initially expected. Sophie and Jarrod both live in Sydney.

Of course, they did the red wine foot challenge as part of their date that evening. Sophie said Jarrod was terrible with the wine challenge with a wine all over his beard.

Their date was shot and documented for the Australian current affairs film program The Project.3 4

Jarrod Got Multiple Marriage Proposals

25-year-old Jarrod is an electrician. When his photos became viral through his parody, he got so many marriage proposals.

Some people say he’s trolling, but others think what he’s doing is funny. He really appreciates those who find the funny side in his parody.3 3

Sophie Also Got Numerous Attention

Just like Jarrod, 26-year-old Sophie got numerous attentions online after her picture went viral.3 2

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