Top Dating “Don’ts” For Men

Dating seem like a normal thing to men, but the truth is most men fail the standards that women really are looking for. The men who fail usually turn to dating gurus and the “Hitch” of the Internet. But the truth is, it is best to learn the “don’ts” of dating from women.

Not Alone but LonelyNot properly planning the date. Never ask a lady, “where would you like to go?” You must plan everything to a T before the date. Even if she is such a feminist, women want men who can make decisions.

Showing you’re nervous – worse, admitting that you are. Don’t tell your date that you’re nervous. Women don’t like men who have self-esteem and insecurity problems.

Making your date feel not special. Don’t play with your phone, don’t yawn, don’t turn up with something you would wear in your house in a lazy afternoon, and don’t even scratch yourself. These acts make your date feel like you don’t care about her because she is just another girl. Even if you are dating a different woman every night, make your present date feel she is special and unique.

Asking a question and not looking interested with the answer. After asking a question, don’t look at other things as if you don’t care about the answer. If you listen attentively, you might spark a great conversation with your date.

bad-first-date-1Saying bad things about your past dates. Nuff said.

Asking about the ex. Asking about or talking about the ex is the biggest mistake of all. It will make your date miss her ex.

Here are the worst things you can say to your date:

  • “Why is a beautiful girl like you single?’
  • “Tell me something no one else knows”
  • “How is the date going so far?”

Here are the best things you can do on a date:

  • Smile. It makes you look confident and sexy and it is for free.
  • Sharing the bill is good, but if you insist on paying, your date will feel like you really are in to her.
  • Walk your date to where she is headed after your date. This shows you are concerned for her safety.
  • Immediately send her a text message that you had a wonderful night after you leave. It may sound corny, but nothing beats good manners.


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