Qualities of Women Which Men Finds Unalluring

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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017

Finding the right partner for you can be very tricky nowadays. Women like you can like to find men, but most often you encounter guys with childish personalities.

But when you do find a man with very attractive features and a great personality you often find that they are not into you.

Real men can be very picky with their partners and look at women not only by their looks but also with how they act. It’s not only women who are searching for their soul mate in life.

To better help you understand how a man is attracted to women, here are a few things that guys find unattractive:

Obsessing Over How You Look And Smell

Men appreciate a woman who takes care of how she looks and smells. But regular guys are also into a more natural look with their partners.

Men don’t like women who wear too much make-up. It makes them feel like you are hiding behind a mask, piling it I may layers.

A guy will always prefer a woman who looks naturally beautiful, than a woman who is made to look beautiful. Wearing too much make-up and too much perfume can also make you look like your trying too hard.

Remember that a woman’s natural smell has pheromones that attract the opposite sex, so enhancing it just a bit can be very sexy.

Extreme Makeovers

extreme makeovers
Having some insecurity with how you look is only natural; you might not like the shape of your ears or the length of your nose. But remember there is no perfect look, and guys know this.

You should stop obsessing over perceived imperfections in very unattractive for men, and if you are thinking of getting some plastic surgery done, you should be very careful.

Plastic surgery can enhance the way you in the right amount or way but to totally change something in your body to the point that you become unrecognizable is a bit extreme.

This also goes with dieting; women can go into extreme just to look thin if you think you are becoming unhealthy, thinking about dieting and exercising is great.

But starving yourself to the point that you wouldn’t even eat on a date with a guy is very unattractive.


Gossiping is a very common hobby among women. You really love talking about other people and their lives.

But this can look unattractive with most guys, and they really don’t like it when you criticize their family and friends.

It makes it look like you are looking down on them or that belittling other people makes you feel superior or better. And most importantly you come across as someone with low self-esteem, and guys really hate that.

Having No Life

having no life

Guys like a woman who thinks about their well-being and genuinely cares for them. But if you keep on checking up on a guy or obsess on what he is doing or what he is going to do, they will definitely find this unattractive.

Men don’t like that you are always hanging around them and you constantly insist on their company. Have a life and enjoy the company of other people, stop being so clingy.

Arrogant And Boastful

Confidence is an attractive trait for a woman but if she becomes too over-confidence guy will think that she is arrogant. And being proud of your accomplishments is fine, but being boastful makes you look like a narcissist.

And these two qualities can make you look like someone who doesn’t need anybody in her life. Try to opt for humility and learn to be a little bit more humble.

Still Moving On

still moving on

Men don’t like to be compared, and they really don’t like it if you keep on talking about ex and bad-mouthing him. Criticizing your ex s not attractive and they guy you are dating might think that you are still harboring feelings for your ex.

So try to move on before you start dating again showing a guy that you had a pretty bad break-up will just turn him off. And he might assume that in the event of a break-up you will do the same to him.

Having No Ambition Or Purpose

Lacking purpose or direction can also be very unattractive, men like women who are driven and have a little ambition in their life. They don’t like it if you are constantly\y quitting your jobs or changing majors in school.

This is especially common the guys have very clear plans and a vision in his life.

Being A Pessimist

being a pessimist

Negativity is not an attractive trait, in any body. People tend to be physically unattractive when being negative. Some pessimist worrying about their make-up and what clothes they should wear, they constantly gripe about every little thing in their life, and they are full of complaints.

A positive outlook on life can be very helpful in your appearance and smiling more can help you look over-all.

Being Too Needy

Guys also like to get know that they are needed by you, they really like the idea of being you a knight and shining armor. But overdoing it can be very unattractive, and guys find an independent woman that knows her way around is very sexy.

Being the damsel in distress is very overrated.

Playing Hard To Get

playing hard to get

You might think that playing hard to get is also a nice way of getting the guy, but this is just not true. Most men like a woman who is outgoing and assertive but too much can make you seem unavailable and playing hard to get.

It might seem to him that you are not interested and he may decide to stop pursuing you.You should show him that you want to get to know him at a deeper level.

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Hiding Your Sexuality

Modern culture and society still try to show that women should be ashamed of their sexuality and that they should refrain talking about it. What women misunderstand is that being a flirt does not mean that you are promiscuous.

Sometimes it is ok to make the first move and initiate intimacy to your partner. You should always be comfortable in what you wear and how you look.

And it is a little known fact that men are turned on by women who dominate them in the bedroom.

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