9 Amazing Things To Do When You Feel What To Do Alone At Home

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Everybody needs a time out sometimes. Whether you’re living alone or, just happened to get caught up amidst the busy schedules of your household members, there are a number of things that you can do to make the most of your alone time and actually enjoy it. You can start by figuring out what to do alone at home.

Being alone is an opportunity to be silent in your thoughts. It presents an opportunity for you to delve deeper into yourself, do what makes you happy, and make it a memorable time you can keep to yourself. For once, unplug, forget about taking selfies, taking a snapshot of your chic vintage coffee mug, and posting on social media. In fact, if you choose so, you can also use the extra time to call up or visit an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time and do one of many ways to cheer someone up.

What to do when you’re home alone

Still trying to figure out what you’re going to do with time in your hands? Check out the following list of things to do when you’re home alone:

Eat a healthy breakfast

eat a healthy breakfast
In your chaotic daily grind, can you remember the last time that you prepared a healthy breakfast just for yourself? When was the last time that you didn’t have to pack your sandwich and stop by the corner to help yourself to a cup of hot coffee on-the-go? Then, you deserve a full, healthy breakfast to start your day — you will need one to do some creative activities to do alone for the rest of the day. So, go ahead and brew that homemade espresso and fix yourself a salad and french toast. Make it more interesting by dining al fresco.


girl doing workout at home
Whether you are a regular or occasional athlete, you can make use of the extra time to train and stretch your strained muscles. It may hurt if you don’t regularly get into it but, today is a good day to start a healthy habit, ain’t it? Remember to start slow and do a combination of cardio, stretching and weight training. You just might also find extra time to get a massage after. Your body will love you back for the much-needed boost.

Don’t rush

Still feel bored at home alone? Don’t keep gazing at the clock! Stop spoiling your alone time by feeling as if you’re wasting time. Stop running around, take it slow. It’s that rare time you can take a shower longer and probably even soak in a scented, warm tub of water. Free your mind from worries and just be in the moment.

Play with your pets

 girl playing with pet
Got a pet? Don’t leave your canine or feline friend to wait on you. Examples of other activities to do with your dog are fetch ball and jogging outdoors. You might want to take the time to teach your pet a few fun tricks to show off your guests the next time they visit. Other than that, you might also want to take the time to groom and pamper them. Dressing up with matching clothes will be a creative, new way to enjoy each other.

Turn on your favorite music and move your body

girl listening songs
What to do at home by yourself? Turn up the volume and get your groove on! Feel free to act silly using the broom as your microphone to stage your very own concert at home. How frequently do you really get to do that without worrying about looking silly?

Enjoy the silence around you

girl Enjoying the silence
Of all the things to do alone, this one is best enjoyed at the early hours of morning. Try to catch the sunset and enjoy the view as you indulge yourself to the sound of birds chirping around you. For once, try to notice the details that you just happen to speed through day-by-day and let them sink in. Use the time to dive deeper into your thoughts — you are your best cheerleader and one of the best uses of alone time is to give yourself a pep talk.

Spend some hours for yourself

Meditate or, learn how. Spend some time in prayer or just sitting still, reflecting on the things that matter in your life right now. You might also want to pick up a book you’ve been trying to find time to read for a long time now, find your perfect spot and curl up. Books give you the opportunity to travel to a place, a time you’ve never been before.

Watch an old movie

girl watching movie
Watching an old movie at home, alone, is enough to make you feel nostalgic. Choose movies that you’ve watched as a kid and you’re instantly transported back to your good old memories with old, familiar settings in the background, and that old, familiar laughter of families, friends and loves lost over time. You might want to brush up on Audrey Hepburn films too, review your ‘Star Wars’ films, recall the life lessons you learned from ‘Standby Me’ or, reminisce your childhood adventures with Indiana Jones.

Put some good clothes on

girl wearing good cloths
Staying home alone does not compel you to look any less gorgeous that your usual self. It just might be the moment you’ve been waiting for to give yourself a much-deserved makeover. Play dress up and practice a new makeup application skill you can use at work to update your look.


Never underestimate yourself. Be proud who you are. If being alone is your norm there’s nothing wrong about that as long as you’re happy with that fact and perfectly capable of living it up. On the other hand, if being alone is one of the things you don’t usually find yourself in then, this is your one precious chance to find out the benefits of spending time alone. You might surprise yourself when you find out that you can enjoy these moments too.

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