Words to make people like you more

It is what you say that will make a long lasting impression on people. The words that often come out of your mouth will define you. That’s why you should focus on it much more than how you look or how your physical appearance represent you to the world.

Here are phrases and words you need to use on a daily basis so that people will like you more.

“Sir” and “Ma’am.” Formality will make you stand out in a very good way most especially in formal environments. Use these words not only when you address people on higher ranks; you have to use it when you’re talking to civilians as well. These two words show respect whether the respect is due or not. It’s very important in every professional relationship. IT IS NOT SAFE to assume that people will be uncomfortable when addressed with these words.

“You’re welcome.” Good manners can go a long way and saying you’re welcome when you’re being thanked for is always the right thing to say, not “of course” or “no problem”. Saying you’re welcome conveys the message that it was a worthwhile favor. That guarantees positive response from other people.

“How can I help?” People appreciate people who ask this question. It shows genuine concern. What you can do to help will have a positive impact on the other person’s success. It doesn’t mean you have to go beyond what you can offer.

“I believe in you.”  This is a very encouraging phrase that usually propels someone to achieve great heights of success. It’s a validation that people are capable of working harder to achieve more. When you tell someone you believe them, it gives that someone a lot of room to propagate his or her skills all the while liking you or thanking you in the process for the boost of confidence.

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