World’s Most Unbelievable Wedding Traditions

A wedding is one of life’s most momentous events. There are different wedding traditions all over the world. Some of them make the ceremony sweeter, some are unforgettable, while there are other wedding traditions that are just outrageously unbelievable.

China’s crying brides

China’s Tujia people have their brides and the females of the family cry for a month before the wedding takes place. The bride-to-be cries for an hour everyday, then the rest of the women in the family join her later in the month. This is believed to be an expression of joy.Crying-Marriage-Custom-550x356

People steal a kiss from the groom or the bride in Sweden

There is a peculiar tradition in Sweden where women can steal a kiss from the groom if the bride leaves the wedding table, same with the men stealing a kiss from the bride if the groom leaves the table.kissingthebride

Keep the bride’s feet on the ground in Ireland

When the bride and groom in Ireland dance, the bride must make sure that her feet are firmly planted on the floor all the time. This is because according to old Irish folklore, evil spirits might snatch the bride away if she lifts any of her foot.Jeani_Ian_Kilt_Wedding_Scotland(pp_w609_h406)

Bride and groom walk on relatives in the French Polynesia

In the Marquesas Islands of the French Polynesia, the bride’s relatives plank facedown, side by side creating a human rug. And then the bride and the groom walk over them like they were the floor. You can only hope that the bride and the groom haven’t gained too much weight.Bride_Groom_NP

Shoe game in India

There is a wedding tradition in India where the groom removes his shoe when walking to the altar, and then the groom’s family should protect it, while the bride’s family try to steal it. This is a friendly game that promotes playfulness and strong bond between the families.Joota-Chupai

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