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Remembering Robin Williams’ Best Roles

Robin Williams just passed away August 11, and it seems like a big chunk of our childhood and humor went along with him. Instead of talking about his death and the manner he chose to fade away, it would be best to focus on the greatest contributions he has given to the world – his roles on the films that taught us how to laugh from the heart.

Here are some of his best roles:

  • The Butler. In Lee Daniels’ 2013 movie, Williams played the role of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.The-Butler-Robin-Williams-jpg
  • Dead Poets Society. Williams plays the amazing English teacher John Keating in this 1989 drama where he inspires young students to fall in love with poetry.Dead-Poets-Society-final-scene
  • Flubber. He plays the professor who discovers a super-bouncy, rubber-like substance called flubber.Robin-Williams-29
  • Aladdin. Williams is the main reason why the magical genie has so many personalities and impressions.5113628.jpg-r_x_600-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx
  • Good Will Hunting. He mentors Matt Damon’s character in this strong film.GOOD_WILL_HUNTING_ROBIN_WILLIAMS_SPEECH_LIFE_1
  • Jumanji. Everybody wanted their board games to come alive and go to an adventure after seeing Robin Williams take on stampedes, a lion, and a crazy safari hunter in this film.jumanji2
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. He played Teddy Roosevelt in this fun family movie.rs_1024x759-140811161858-1024.night-at-the-museum-robin-williams
  • Patch Adams. The med student here in this movie shows people how to get through life’s challenges through humour.rs_1024x768-140811161505-1024.patch-adams-robin-williams
  • Ms. Doubtfire. Williams plays the divorced husband playing the nanny in this funny family flick.enhanced-buzz-19022-1323650052-22
  • Hook. He plays Peter Pan in this remake story of the boy who never grows old.hook-1991-01-g
  • Good Morning, Vietnam. He plays a DJ who turned the tables around in Vietnam when he was assigned in the US Armed Service Radio.rs_1024x759-140811162645-1024.good-morning-vietnam
  • Bicentennial Man. Here, Williams showed the world how versatile he is, playing as an android that wants to become a human being.rs_1024x576-140811162748-bicentennial-man-original
  • Jakob The Liar. He plays the Jewish shopkeeper Jakob in 1944 Poland.MCDJATH EC005

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