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Rolex showcases modern architecture in Venice Biennale

The 14th International Architecture Exhibition biennale in Venice from June 7 to November 23 is a wonderful venue for Rolex to showcase its new architectural language.

Curator Rem Koolhaas took the 14th IAE back to the basics with a lot of architecture Biennales paying respect to the contemporary sense of the art. The event opened this month at the Venice Biennale.

The Dutch architect said the basics of this year’s exhibition focus on how architecture is used in the present and how it can determine the future of its designs.

This is an impeccable theme for Rolex, which recently announced a partnership with IAE and will collaborate with Daniel Libeskind for its new designs. The last time Libeskind was a part of the Biennale was 30 years ago when he won the Golden Lion Prize back in 1985. This is why his return is highly anticipated.

Libeskind is set to design the upcoming Rolex Venice Pavilion. He has also showcased his Sonnets in Babylon installation through poetry and drawings questioning the future of the created environment.

Libeskind is currently associated with Rolex as one of the brand’s advisory board for the Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative division. The Biennale is also a venue where the watch company can showcase their celebration of the modern architecture for the last 40 years.

In 1961, Rolex was one of the leading companies that have a building inclined to futuristic architecture. Through the Swiss firm Addor, Julliard & Bolliger, they were able to transfer and build a new HQ in the industrial environments of Praille-Acacias from their old business office in Geneva Old Town. That building was created to supplement the rapid development of products from the watchmaker. It was an HQ that represents the watches that the company sells. The contemporary style building provides a comfortable place for employees to work in.

It is the company’s visionary culture that brings their products to uncanny heights in the market, said Rolex Communications and Image Director Arnaud Boetsch.

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