Want to be Happier? Follow These 4 Simple Steps

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Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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Happiness is, for many people, elusive. While people may feel happy from time to time, relatively few would describe themselves as happy. Indeed, only about 33% of Americans say that they’re “happy” in a given year.

With that in mind, today we’re going to take a closer look at happiness and share four steps that all individuals can take to lead happier and better lives.

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Redefine Happiness

Happiness is not –– as it is often portrayed –– an end product. Yes, you can feel happy or satisfied after you’ve completed a big project.

But if you felt miserable while you were working on said project, you could hardly describe the activity as “happy.” As such, it’s important to seek out practices that intrinsically make you happy –– as opposed to simply producing a happy outcome.

By this principle, it’s often a better use of your time to hang out with your friends and cousins than it is to study the stock market for hours on end.

Focus on Others

People who are consistently happy almost always participate in philanthropic causes. It might sound cliched or trite, but the truth is that it is better to give help than to receive it.

Donating to charities, volunteering for local fundraisers, and, in general, focusing more on the well-being of others will do wonders for your own psyche.

Face Problems Head On

Contrary to popular belief, happy people do not live in a hazy cloud of blissful ignorance. Rather, individuals who are truly happy make it a point to address issues when they arise.

Ignoring a problem doesn’t fix anything. A good example of this is a regular visit to the doctor’s office.

Happy people take their health seriously and trust medical professionals to use sophisticated equipment like 10 ml Serological Pipettes to ensure their health and wellness. While it’s unlikely that many consider a trip to the doctors to be “fun,” it serves a vital purpose all the same and contributes to long-term health and happiness.

Live in the Moment

Is it important to plan for the future? Of course. Still, it doesn’t make any sense to spend all of your time and energy worrying about things that might happen one day while ignoring the present moment.

Instead, view each day as an opportunity to learn something new, to make a connection, and to inspire positive action. Making this change will improve your life, but it isn’t easy.

That’s why giving yourself a few moments every day to appreciate what you have and what you’ve done is a great way to start. And, thankfully, you can do that right now!

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