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Last Updated: May 29, 2020

Why you need to try new things while doing sex

Sexual partners are in the habit of trying new things while doing sex; the new trial might arise because of differences in ease of orgasm or a mismatch in libido. But sexually active people shouldn’t be uncomfortable when their partners decide to offer pleasurable sex in a whole new way. Well, the pictures of sexy girls in long socks might have been seen in the movies; but those scenes are no stunts at all!

Sex is an all-around moment that involves different approaches, and there is always an answer as to why you need to try new things while doing sex. There are many ways to make sex better; socks sex-wears is one of the ways to spark up the moment.

The reason why you need to wear socks while doing sex

To keep the ever-sensitive lower limbs warm and aid the blood vessels in your feet to dilate; it is recommended to have sex with socks on. The next time booty calls might be a special moment to try those socks on and leave a lasting impression on the mind of your partner. Apart from a better orgasm, improved blood flow helps sexual partners sleep off quickly with a deep relaxation.
The benefits of wearing socks during sex are felt in varying degrees by each user; however, there is a general feeling of fulfillment listed below.

  • You will feel light and relieved: It is natural to feel light and relieved to enjoy a fulfilling climax. There is a level of body comfort that comes with wearing socks. Also, the warmth and relaxation the limbs get during sexual movement give some proper blood circulations through the vessels. Without feeling relieved, the human body will run into premature or no climax. There is a better chance of orgasm when you or your sexual partner put on that sexy pair of stockings especially in a cold atmosphere.
  • No more cold feet distraction: There is nothing like an irritating cold foot during sex; chills send awkward feeling down the nerves as a distraction. The last thing that sexual partners want on their minds are feelings of poor concentration. Intimacy is a consummation of every sexual feeling, and when you wear socks during sex, warm blood flow in the feet. Distractions are the worst feelings that turns-off sex; it’s like having a third-party watch two consenting sexual partners. Kill that distraction during sex with your socks on!
  • Less anxious: Sexual activity is a form of relaxation for the body and mind. Anxiety doesn’t bring mind or body relaxation; it is a sign of low libido and a reduction in orgasm. Wearing socks during sex acts like a blanket that brings warmth and reduces your anxiety levels. The feeling of being comfortably naked brings relaxation with fulfilling orgasm, and the addition of socks makes sex better.
  • Less insecure: It’s a common occurrence for partners who are insecure with any of their body parts to cover them up during sex. Little things like insecurity from physiological patterns can take one’s mind off sex. Perhaps, you don’t like the way your feet look, then wearing a pair of socks can help your self-esteem during sex. Sexual activity involves slipping into a sub-conscious state (just before climax) and being very self-conscious can hinder the flow. Sex with socks on can hide that self-conscious feeling.
  • You will something to tear off mid sex: Crazy sex session comes with unpredictable behaviors like ripping off underwears, clothes and even socks. For partners who have a high libido; ripping off socks during sex could be that perfect way to improve their orgasm. To offer a partner some better sex, it might not require something extraordinary than having a session of socks sex. When you notice the vibe behind an intense sexual moment, don’t kill it!
  • Leads to more orgasm: Nothing is more rewarding during sex than high orgasm; maybe not for males, certainly for females. At the start of sexual pleasure, there could be some unfulfilling moments, but the final satisfaction during sex is determined by the level of orgasm. Every blood vessel around the genitals is powered by the flow of blood and wearing socks during sex will add to the satisfaction.

Disadvantages of wear socks during sex

Sexual activities are enjoyed when there are no routines to follow. When the habit of wearing socks during sex becomes inevitable; it will be difficult to have sex with another partner who likes to touch your feet during sex. Besides, some folks who like skin-to-skin contact during sex might be turned off by an insulating material like socks. These partners might find it difficult to get unhindered traction during sex. Also, a partner who suffers from stinky feet will produce more odor when their feet are covered. The smell could be awful, and turn-off their partner’s sex drive.

The alternatives to sex with socks on includes; a partial wearing of socks during sexual activities. Socks wearing can start the process but should be pulled off to allow more intimacy that comes with skin-to-skin contact. Also, having sex under a blanket or duvet can make a huge difference.


There are no book rules on what you may wear on your feet during sexual activities. Whatever works for you and your partner is fine. But there are orthopedic socks that function efficiently. They promote blood flow to the lower limbs and maintain healthy reproductive lifestyle. More so, there are many reasons sexual partners desire to improve their sex life. In all, whatever works for an individual might be turn another off. However, there is a need for some balance that brings an overall sexual pleasure.

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