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Suffering From High Blood Pressure? Eat Strawberries!

This red fruit not only has the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant a property that helps in combatting with diseases but it has also now been proven to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. According to the recent study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, strawberries have been found to be a heart friendly fruit.

Experts suggest, strawberries should be incorporated in the daily diet for it has flavonoids and anti-oxidants that lowers the cholesterol levels and keeps the heart healthy. The pulpy fruit also has properties that prevents cancer causing cells, boosts immunity, improves brain power, prevents infections and regulates blood pressure. Study has also proved, the fruit to have anti-ageing properties which make strawberries stand out in the fruit family.

Nutritionists stress at the importance of having strawberries given the many health benefits pointed above. So if you are not having the juice red fruit start having it on a daily basis to have a great healthy life ahead.

Strawberries contains potassium, a natural heart healthy nutrient with 134 mg per serving. They are considered a “medium source,” according to Alberta Health Services. Can help regulate blood pressure and even helps to lower high blood pressure by acting as buffer against negative effects of sodium. With impact on the reduction of LDL, inflammation & high blood pressure, Strawberries have earned the title of one of the most heart-healthy fruits you can eat any time.

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