What to Look for in Surf Swimwear

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Imagine being at the beach where the sun is out, and the salty air surrounds you as the warm blue water is beckoning you to ride the waves. A picture of fun that people look forward to in summer. And like anyone who has ever surfed before, we all know surfing is an entirely different activity from sunbathing or just chilling out at the beach.

Every woman needs a swimsuit that will stay on while she’s out in the water that’s comfortable enough to ride the waves while bringing out her style. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for women’s swimwear.


Bra-style straps are the way to go. Look for shoulder straps that are thick and are cross-back or racer style. These women’s swimwear bikini tops have a higher chance of staying put than others, especially for women with a cup size of about C or larger. A crop-style bikini top is a tried-and-tested style that stays on for bigger-chested girls.

Avoid tops that have an underwire. These bikini tops are likely to dig into your skin and cause some bruising as you paddle. Halter-style tops are also best avoided due to the strain they are likely to generate on your neck and shoulders.

Strapless tops should be the last style you’re going for in a bikini top. You are likely to focus on a falling top than riding the waves.


A good rule of thumb to follow with bikini bottoms is getting a pair with drawstrings at the waist. Doing so will allow you to adjust the bottom to ensure it’s a snug fit that won’t slip off or bruise your skin. If not, shop for a tighter-fitting bikini bottom that will ensure your swimsuit doesn’t fall off due to the natural stretch effect that occurs when in the water.

Look for bikini bottoms with wide hip bands. These make it harder for your bottoms to rolling down when you duck-dive. Some people prefer the boy-short cut, as you’re less likely to fall out of them as opposed to other cuts that are smaller that could expose more than you want.


Image via Flickr by Phuketian.S

It is probably the safest and most functional style, as they allow more movement without the worry of slipping out of your bathing suit. There are a lot of great styles out there for one-pieces with different cuts and colors.


An excellent rule to live by is “thicker is better.” The best fabric is spandex, or nylon is ideal due to its stretch and comfort. Most people keep an eye out for reverse swimsuits that use double-layered fabric as they provide additional support, resistance, and durability.

Mesh, crotchet, and embroidered swimsuits look cute but are not the ideal material for surfing. They are likely to stick to sand and wax, which isn’t comfortable, and as a result, get ruined very quickly. Avoid women’s swimwear with zips and metal material because you are likely to cause irritation and bruises when lying on them.

Now that you are armored with the best tips for swimwear shopping, look at our surf shop swimwear collection designed with surfers in mind and get the best suit that suits your style.

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