Tattoo Inspiration: Beautiful Designs For Women

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Last Updated: May 19, 2017

Are you interested in getting a tattoo? Do you want to find a beautiful design, one that matches your own personality? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs below, you will definitely find your tattoo inspiration. Find suggestions of beautiful designs, especially recommended for the female gender. Based on our suggestions and your own personal taste, you can then decide on a tattoo that suits you the most.

#1 Travel Motif

The Germans have a word to describe the constant longing for travels, meaning “wanderlust”. If you fall in this category, you should definitely consider a tattoo that has a travel motif. You can opt for a map of the world, a plane that takes you to your favorite island or even for a point of general interest. What matters is that your tattoo reveals your passion for traveling, serving as your motivation at the same time. You can have such a tattoo made in your favorite city or country, keeping it as a unique souvenir (always with you). The more you will travel, the more souvenirs you will gather, which is kind of cool.

#2 Handwriting

2 Handwriting

Handwriting tattoos are extremely popular nowadays, especially among women. These are often designed to include either one word or one line, generally referring to a special moment in one’s existence. Such a tattoo can be made in the situation you have survived a difficult moment, you have given birth or experienced something really intense. Or, if you want, you can have it made, in order to constantly remember someone special in your life. When you decide on having such a tattoo made, be sure to take into consideration the font as well.

#3 Religious Inspiration

Tattoo of religious inspiration are making a comeback nowadays, being particularly appreciated by women. They reinforce one’s faith and, at the same time, look amazing. You can use these to express your religious beliefs, opting for a wide range of symbols. However, the crucifix remains at the top of the popularity list, being designed in the most incredible ways. Some of these tattoos are also accompanied by religious quotes, helping women keep their faith, regardless of the difficult situations they are going through.

#4 Minimal Tattoos

4 minimal tattoos

Minimal tattoos are more than popular at the moment, being preferred by women who want to make a statement but are not prepared to suffer too much pain (as it happens with extensive tattoos). These are incredibly delicate, being often realized at the level of the wrist or on the lateral sides of the fingers. They can include a wide range of designs and elements as well, such as leaves, small letters, trees, flowers. Sometimes, these are accompanied by short, motivational messages, strengthening the idea behind the tattoo.

#5 Language Motif

Language tattoos are preferred by women as a method of self-expression, especially since there are so many different languages from which one can make a choice. In fact, if you were to look at many celebrities, you would easily discover that they have at least one tattoo of such kind. Sanskrit, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish are just some of the languages often used for the making of such tattoos. However, you have complete liberty to choose any language and, of course, any message, you want to. In the end, a tattoo is all about self-expression, so you can decide to express yourself in any language you may desire.

#6 Tribal Design

6 tribal design
The tribal design was popular among men but, in recent year, it has drawn the attention of women as well. It is more elaborate but when you will look at the final result, you will realize it was all worth it. A tribal tattoo can help you express your dangerous side but make sure that you choose a version that you will be comfortable with, no matter the hour or the moment in the day. Tribal tattoos are often made on the shoulder or arm, in order to be visible, so make sure to take that into consideration as well. Also, take your time to think about the reason for which you would want such a tattoo made; these often stand as symbols of courage.

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These are a couple of tattoo design suggestions, which are more than suitable for the delicate woman in you. The most important aspect to consider is that tattoos can stand for a lot of things and, before you have a tattoo made, you should think about its significance. Tattoos remind people of places they have visited, family members who are no longer with them or of difficult moments. Do not choose a particular design just because it seems cool. Instead, think about the symbol behind the tattoo and choose one that corresponds to your particular situation 100%.

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