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Teenage Rules You Can Apply in Your Workplace

school_rules_dress_wellWhen you were still a teenager, your parents would give you a set of annoying rules, like always tell them where you are and stuff. Now that you have your own job and starting your own life, you are probably excited that these limiting rules will no longer apply. Well, some of those rules actually still apply in your workplace.

Here are basic teenage rules that can still apply in your workplace:

Always let someone know where you are. Your parents are always concerned about your welfare, so they always want to know where you are at all times. In your workplace, you should always let someone know where you are when you are not around, or else, your sloppiness will show up in your performance record.

Leaving your parents a message. You can leave your parents a text message about where you will be headed and why you will be home late, and when they don’t reply, it usually means they don’t permit you to. In your workplace, you might leave a message to your boss about your productivity or about your attendance, but it won’t usually end there. There will be more to talk about later.

Don’t miss the deadline. When you were still a teenager, you should be home at precisely the time you told your parents you would be, because your parents could easily get paranoid about their beloved child’s wellbeing. At your workplace, you should finish your work at the exact time you promised you will, unless, you want to taint your record.

Determine what is non-negotiable. Anything that is non-negotiable is non-negotiable. When your parents say no, it is always best not to do it. In your workplace, rules and regulations are absolute, don’t violate or negotiate against them.

If you are at fault, don’t negotiate. If you are in trouble, it is best not to negotiate. In your workplace, it is best to admit your mistake than to come up with lousy excuses.

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