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The Most Amazing Social Media Photos

When you open your Facebook account, you may see plenty of incredible photos as you scroll down. This has become quite a normal thing in social media platforms. Everyday, there are countless photos that could easily awe and amaze you. Some of these photos may tackle social issues; some may be novelty, while some are just life changing.

Here are some of the most amazing photos in social media that you probably have never seen before:

  1. In the first photo, you see a machine eating up plenty of bricks and spitting them out into a brick road, carpeting the streets.9kgBNOa
  2. Patek Philippe is considered as the world’s best watchmaker, and this picture is the internal mechanism in one of his watches.YRqcihu
  3. This is a breathtaking view of a sunset happening during an eclipse.joiRt1F
  4. In Southern California, you can see an amazing curvy fence structure in the Algodones Sand Dunes.TXDw4Ej
  5. These natural perfectly formed Pyrite cubes show you that Mother Nature is great with geometry.L9cUW0h
  6. These melted glass hang on a metal bar after the place was damaged by fire. It looks like Walter White’s blue meth.TOruT1U
  7. This is a picture of the deepest swimming pool on Earth, reaching a depth of 113 feet.QwmNxoE
  8. This turtle is surfing the waters while riding a jellyfish. Cowabunga!DZHfdRQ
  9. A child’s skull before he or she loses baby teeth looks very creepy.eHPhbsD
  10. The new GT CT Scanner is very accurate as shown in this picture.PPmINH1
  11. The spiralling horizontal bricks in this restaurant are amazing.num8dEV
  12. A lizard’s facial skin was perfectly intact when it shed its skin.e1oEsoX
  13. An intricate drawing of a wave using coloured pencils.6L3Dy29
  14. This eggshell art is simply incredible.Zh9wfUI
  15. In Norway, you can see a monument of giant swords called Sverd ifjell.xaojBFb

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