The Right Way To Wear A Scarf For Men

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Last Updated: Jun 7, 2016

A scarf is one of the simplest items of clothing in your wardrobe. It is essentially a rectangular piece of cloth. Yet so many men choose to brave the cold without the warm comfort of a scarf. Too often, it is a fear of looking shabby or even feminine that keeps men away from scarves. Scarves have been worn by men for more than 2,000 years. A scarf can either be used in place of a tie or in addition to a tie. It all depends.

A scarf does a really good job of protecting its wearer from cold and chaffing of the skin. Scarves are also stylish and elegant. Here is how you do it:

  1. Keep It Simple
    Keep your outfit simple so that it is not competing with the scarf for attention. Too many colors, textures and patterns can just make your outfit too busy.

    People will not appreciate the elegance of your outfit. Simple, masculine elegance is never too busy. For instance a black suit and tie can go well with a maroon scarf.

  2. Rectangular
    Scarves come in different shapes. They can be square, banana shaped, rectangular and triangular. Stick to a rectangular shaped scarf. A scarf shaped like a rectangle is just easier to wear. It also offers more versatility.
  3. Keep It Loose
    Scarves are different from ties. Never tie a scarf tightly around the neck. A little breathing room is always good. If the scarf is not too tight you will feel comfortable wearing it. If you are uncomfortable then it is probably too tight.
  4. Pick The Right Fabric

    The fabric of the scarf needs to be chosen carefully depending on the weather. During winter, cashmere and woolen scarves are the best. At other times of the year it is better to have cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics are best. Silks and satins are generally worn by women.

  5. Choose The Right Colors

    Right Colors
    The best scarves for men are in neutral colors. Generally pinks, oranges, and other bright colors are considered effeminate. Stick to neutral colors like black, white, red, beige, and grey. Some colors are fine depending on the specific shade. Some shades of blue and green may also work. This depends on the outfit. When in doubt, go back to neutral colors.

  6. Go For Heavy Scarves
    Okay. So a scarf does not have to be as thick as a blanket. But if you can see through the scarf or if it has an airy feel to it, it is probably a fashion item that will not keep you warm at all.
  7. Go For Functionality
    Function trumps fashion. Always. Scarves are meant to offer comfort, warmth and protection. You have to feel better wearing it than not wearing it.
  8. Pick One In The Right Size
    If you can use it as a blanket, it is not such a good idea to wear it. Seriously though, anything too big will slow you down. Use something you can wear around your neck with ease.
  9. Go For Simple Fringes

    Simple Fringes

    Examine the fringes of the scarf. Simple cuts are always better. If the fringe is overly decorated, you might want to pass it up. Any tassels have to be the same color as the scarf.

  10. Ornaments
    Any scarf that has sequins, beads, trinkets and anything attached to it is better gifted to your significant other. It will not appear professional at all.
  11. Stay Away From Elaborate Patterns
    Embroidery, pictures of flowers and birds etc are a no-no. Checks are fine, as long as the colors are not too bright. Simplicity is the name of the game.
  12. Tie A Simple Knot
    Or at least one that you are already comfortable and confident with. When it is very cold, you can wrap the scarf around your neck – leaving some breathing space, of course – and tuck both ends in. It is just that simple. This works best with a shorter scarf. If the scarf is short, you can combine the wrap around with an ascot. Wrap the scarf around your neck and then cross the two sides together letting the ends hang. Alternatively you can alter the wrap around by pulling the scarf twice around the neck instead of once around.

When it is not too cold you can just flip the scarf. Lay it on one shoulder and then flip one end around your neck.

One more tie that is tailor made for cold days is the insulator, where you lay your scarf around the back of your neck, cross it out front and button up your jacket to lock in the insulation.

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There are a couple more ways of wearing a scarf. A quick look around the internet should be quite enlightening for any man who is unsure about just how to wear a scarf.

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