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The Story Behind Real ‘Anabelle’ Doll Is Freakier Than The Movie

Trance medium Lorraine Warren first encountered Annabelle back in the 1970s. Her late husband, Ed was working on a paranormal casework where a pair of nursing students claims to have been terrorized by a toy that may have been possessed by an evil Elf. They say the doll moves in their apartment and make cryptic notes and scratch marks.a6953125eadae98e1f41229fee3d9b4721376aae

In the movie The Conjuring, the doll was said to be possessed by a dead 7-year-old girl. But the Warrens believe an evil spirit possessed it.

With the new spin off of the horror flick, Anabelle, Warren who is now 87 still has the doll housed in her museum. But it only looks like a Raggedy Ann rag doll. But even the actors in the movie who went to the museum for a closer look fell the aura of danger surrounding the doll.Picture 1

It was The Conjuring director James Wan who made the doll look very scary, because he said he has an affinity to dolls that looks very frightening. This is why the Anabelle version of the doll looks very scary.DSC_0499.dng

A priest performs a binding prayer around the doll to keep the evil spirit from wandering to other places and terrorizing other people. She didn’t get rid of the doll, because it is just a vessel and the evil spirit might still linger. It is better to see the doll because then they will know where the spirit is.

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