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Top Furniture Must-Haves For Cat Lovers

International Cat Day was celebrated just last Friday, August 8, and it is not too late to still give your beloved feline a gift. Instead of giving them the cliché cat toys or food, you can go the extra mile and give them something that will last longer. You can give them fun and comfortable furniture set in your house where they can rest or play. Your cat furniture must be a convenient hiding place for them, or something that could give them a safe vantage point. You can also give them furniture that can serve as a scratching post. Really, your imagination is your limitation.

Here are some amazing furniture ideas for your cat:

Cat Burger Bed – This isn’t just cute, it is also quite comfortable for your catcat-furniture-creative-design-20

Cat-Friendly Shelfcat-furniture-creative-design-17

Mini Bedroom for Catcat-furniture-111

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge – This is a great vantage point for your catcat-furniture-creative-design-15

Catable – A table designed for cats to play while you workcat-furniture-creative-design-1

Cat Scratch Board Table – This is like claw heaven for your catcat-furniture-creative-design-27

Cat Crib Hammock – talk about R&Rcat-furniture-creative-design-21

Cat Tunnel Sofa – You have a sofa, your cat has an adventure landcat-furniture-creative-design-32

All-in-one Cat Bathroomcat-furniture-creative-design-19

Cat Transit Systemcat-furniture-creative-design-16

Cat House Plantercat-furniture-creative-design-29

Coffee Table Hammock – watch your cat relax as you sip some coffeecat-furniture-creative-design-5

Radiator Cat Bedcat-furniture-creative-design-34

Disguised Cat House Side Table – No one could tell your cat is in itcat-furniture-creative-design-31

Grass Table for Catscat-furniture-creative-design-4

Cat-Friendly Homecat-furniture-creative-design-39

Cat Teepee Housecat-furniture-creative-design-28

Scratch n’ Snooze Infinity Cat Bed – your cat can scratch this bed or sleep in itcat-furniture-creative-design-23

Pet and Person Rocking Chair – Your can relax and rock with you in thiscat-furniture-creative-design-33

Cat Cabinetcat-furniture-creative-design-9

Cat Overhead Play Ground – This is the perfect playground for your catcat-furniture-creative-design-361

Pett Egg Pod

Outdoor Cat Walk – if your cat wants to feel the great outdoorscat-furniture-creative-design-22

Catissa Cat Shelfcat-furniture-creative-design-14

Shark Pet Bedcat-furniture-103

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