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Top Guidelines for the Trending Insta-Wedding

You think you are ready for your wedding because you have the dress; the venue, the food, and the guest list. In this generation, weddings aren’t complete without social media presence. “Insta-wedding” is trending.

But, you don’t simply post pictures of your wedding on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There are guidelines and unwritten rules to follow when posting your wedding pictures online.

Most people believe the bride and the groom are the rightful people to post their wedding photos online first. But smartphones and other gadgets just couldn’t stop other guests from posting those photos online before the couple does.

Here are some of the major guidelines for your insta-wedding:

  • You must make sure that you tell your guests that you don’t want any pictures of your wedding posted online.


  • Come up with your very own hash tag to make your 2014 wedding stylish.


  • People will still share your photo no matter what. So, just ask them to somehow edit the photos before posting them and post them only after you have posted.


  • If you want your online presence to reach astronomical heights, invite to your wedding people who have a lot of social media followers.


  • If you want the photo to be right, do it your “selfie.”


  • You know that your wedding will be posted online, so make sure you choose the most photogenic locations. These locations must look wonderful even if an amateur takes the picture. You don’t have to be glamorous, or be in luxurious places to have a photogenic backdrop; there are many wonderful locations that won’t ruin your budget.


  • The major photo that will definitely be shared all over social media platforms is the image of the couple in their first dance. Make sure the dance floor is perfect. The bride and the groom must make sure they look incredible during their dance.


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