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Top Happiness Tips From The Pope

There are a lot of motivational speakers and personal development gurus out there who can give you guidelines on how to be truly happy in life. But where else can you get the best advice for happiness than from the Pope himself?140411111200-05-pope-francis-year-restricted-horizontal-gallery

Here are the top happiness tips from Pope Francis:

  • Live and let live. “Who am I to Judge” that’s what he said on gays. In Matthew 7:1 it is written, “Judge not, unless you want to be judged yourself.”
  • Give yourself to others. Give your time and your money to those who really need it. Don’t just do nothing like a stagnant water.140411114834-11-pope-francis-year-restricted-horizontal-gallery
  • Move quietly in the world. As a young person, one runs through everything like a rocky stream, but as you mature and get older you become like the peaceful and quiet running river making the least possible disturbance.
  • Enjoy leisure. Don’t get too anxious by the idea of consumerism. Take a break and play with your children. Don’t waste your time thinking what you will buy next. Manage your time and not your money wisely.140403103149-09-pope-meets-queen-0403-horizontal-gallery
  • Sunday is for the family. Honor the Sabbath is part of the Ten Commandments. You spend all your time toiling about, and you are required to spend just a day to nourish your spirit by spending time with your family, meditating and worship God.
  • Respect Nature. The Pope once said it seems like humanity is committing suicide by how it destroys nature. Anxiety and suffering is closely related to the misuse and abuse of nature.
  • Let go of negative things quick. Put the negative and bad things in your back pocket. It may sound like escapism, but it works better than focusing on the negative things.140327084704-05-obama-pope-0327-horizontal-gallery
  • Don’t force your beliefs. Everyone has his or her own views. Though Jesus asked to spread the word, the Pope took this into a more relaxed manner. He said to practice what you preach and don’t spread your religion to others forcefully.
  • Work for Peace. Blessed are the peacemaker, Jesus said. The Pope gave an example for this when he visited Jerusalem and brought together Palestinians and Jews in his own way.140411113039-05-pope-francis-year-horizontal-gallery

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