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Top Underlying Reasons Why You’re Cranky

Problems in your finance, health, or social life can put you in a bad mood, but there are other reasons for that cranky attitude you might not know about.

  1. You’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables. These intakes can make you healthy, not only physically, but also mentally.o-CHIPS-COOKIES-570
  2. Not enough sunlight exposure can lead to low levels of vitamin D, which is associated with
  3. Being dehydrated can make you weaker, lose focus and have bad mood.o-DEHYDRATED-570
  4. Working too much can lead to poorer health, both physically and mentally.o-STRESS-WORK-570
  5. Staying on Facebook for a long time can make you feel worse because you know it is unnecessary. Doing unnecessary things can make you subconsciously cranky.o-FACEBOOK-PHONE-570
  6. If you slouch, your bad posture will lead to less energy and bad mood. o-BAD-POSTURE-570 
  7. If you haven’t laughed for the day, you definitely will have a bad mood. Smiling, even if forced can alleviate you from stress hormones and increase your positive feelings.o-FROWN-570
  8. Being tired can make anyone grumpy.o-TIRED-570
  9. Not taking an outdoor vacation and be one with nature for a long time can make you grumpy. Immersing in nature can boost your mental health and give you a better mood.o-TRAFFIC-CARS-570

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