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Top YouTube Stars You Should Follow

YouTube stars commands a strong influence over millions of followers. Some of these YouTube stars are idolized by fans more than Hollywood celebrities.

Here are some of the YouTube stars you might not know yet that should be included in your radar:

  1. Devin Graham. Extreme sports have never looked this raw. Now he has deals with Mountain Dew, Intel, and SpeedStickerGear.dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls
  2. Tompkins. He became ultra popular recording his own songs after covering Katy Perrys’ “Teenage Dream.”MT
  3. Dulce Ruiz. After serving in the US Army as a mechanic in Iraq, she is now very popular for her fashion and beauty tutorials in YouTube.0
  4. Hollens. He covered “Phantom of the Opera” and “Lord of the Rings.” Now, he signed a deal with Sony Music Masterworks.peter-hollens-record-deal
  5. Bybels. Her channel has 1,803,544 subscribers and has now partnered with Macys.orig-21348735
  6. Southern. After the “Stoned & Heartbroken” and “Walk of Shame Challenge,” she appeared in “New Girl,” “American Dad” and “Rules of Engagement.”taryn-southern-my-domain-600x369
  7. SunKiss Alba. Garcia gives viral DIY hair and makeup tutorials.0-1
  8. Boye. His “Happy,” “Royals” and “Let it Go” ethnic-sounding covers are viral.Screen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-3.12.27-PM
  9. Signh. Her funny videos brought her to a deal with Collective Digital Studio network.1401437850477.jpg-300x0
  10. Limo. Modern dating tips are great.maxresdefault

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