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Venice Film Festival’s Top 5 Must Watch

This week marks the 71st Venice Film Festival and you can only expect nothing but high art and glamour in this event.

  • The Humbling. Al Pacino plays the role of an ageing actor who is having an affair with a lesbian woman 25 years younger than him in this book adaptation directed by Barry Levinson.p025f4tk
  • Birdman. Here, Michael Keaton also plays an ageing actor who used to be famous playing a comic superhero. Keaton opposites other actors including Edward Norton and Emma Stone in this González Iñárritu directed film._MG_0817.CR2
  • The Cut. This is a story of a man who survived the 1915 mass slaughter of Armenians and travels all over the world looking for his daughter. This film is directed by Fatih Akin.p025f4rh
  • The President. Mohsen Makhmalbaf is a filmmaker who is strongly socially conscious. The Iranian director gives a message of how to avoid violence in revolutions and achieve freedom in this film.p025f4rf
  • Olive Kitteridge. Director Lisa Cholodenko teams up with Frances McDormand in this adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning-novel of Elizabeth Strouts. Lisa was already eyeing the book even before it won the Pulitzer Prize. This is a female story about the lives of the people living in a small town in New England.p025f4qc

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