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Work Less to be More Productive – Here’s HOW

Do you want to spend more time with your family? OR do you want to have more time to pursue your hobby than being devoured by your work? Well, you need to adopt certain work ethics and disciplines to be more productive while working less.

There are studies that show working fewer hours can actually make you more productive.

Don’t use your day off to catch up with your work. Some people know that they can or they may be able to finish their work in the weekends or in their day off. This mentality makes people not do their best performance during their working days. That complacency leads to a piling up of work loads, which makes you become fed up too easily.


Have another phone for the weekend. Some people get contacted by their boss or their clients during the weekend. Instead of enjoying and relaxing during your weekend, you get distracted by work because of these phones. Get another phone and disconnect from your working numbers in the weekend.


Schedule emailing. Sometimes if you check your email and answer each one of them, it will take too much of your time that you lose your time for productivity. You can choose to only check and answer your email in the morning or afternoon, only in under a certain amount of time, like an hour or two. Try using the email organizing app called Boomerang.


Be early at work. When you arrive extra early at your office, you will find a certain tranquillity of being alone. This peace will help you work better. This is the best time to do the most difficult tasks related to your work.


Make work transparent. If all the updates, accomplishments, and challenges in your office are sent in your email or are given directly to you, you will end up using all your productive time looking at your email or talking to each of your employees. Being more transparent in the work place will make it easier for everyone to see what is the latest progress or setbacks that must be developed and addressed.

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