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Updated :May 20, 2024
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The struggle with weight control and low energy is common, affecting many people across the United States. The issue has been rising, with obesity rates hitting 41.9% between 2017 and March 2020. By 2021, obesity rates had doubled in 19 states compared to 2018 figures.

Alongside this, half of American adults are found to be trying to lose weight annually, particularly among women (56.4%) and men (41.7%). This has led to a booming dietary supplement industry, currently worth over $155 billion and projected to reach $220.8 billion by 2027.Many opt for these supplements seeking an easy, effective way to manage their diet challenges. One such supplement is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils. Known for aiding in weight control, raising energy levels, and enhancing brain function, they are a popular choice.

We have closely examined one such product, MCT Wellness from Gundry MD, to see what benefits it could potentially offer. Our review provides a detailed look at the pros, cons, and crucial information to help you determine if this product meets your needs.


Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness powder is a unique formulation of caprylic acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that quickly transforms into energy-boosting ketones in the body. Unlike typical MCT oils that come as liquids, this one is conveniently offered as a dissolvable powder.

The product is part of a broader range from Gundry MD, a renowned heart surgeon’s enterprise that emphasizes heart health through weight management. The MCT Wellness product is particularly valued for its contribution to energy provision and fat burning.

Gundry MD’s comprehensive approach to health demonstrated through other offerings like Lectin Shield, Probiotics, and their Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil, inspires trust in their MCT offering. MCT Wellness powder has unique flavor profiles of Watermelon Lemonade and Raspberry Medley. It diverges from the norm of unflavored or vanilla and caramel-flavored MCT oils. It is a delightful addition to drinks like coffee or smoothies.

About the Brand

Gundry MD is a trusted name in the health and wellness industry, founded by Dr. Steven Gundry, a renowned cardiologist. With his extensive medical experience and a deep understanding of human health, Dr. Gundry has committed to creating products that promote optimal body functioning and overall wellness.

According to Gundry MD Reviews, the brand firmly embraces the potential of nutrition to improve human health. It aims to deliver nutritional supplements that are backed by scientific research, high in quality, and safe for consumption.

“MCTs are a type of fat that is metabolized differently than other fats in the body. They are absorbed more quickly and easily and can be used for energy immediately. This makes them a good source of energy for athletes and people who are looking for a quick boost of energy.” – Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Distinguished Professor.

Gundry MD’s offerings, like the MCT Wellness powder and Lectin Shield, are a testament to this commitment, designed to support weight management, boost energy, and promote heart health. Their unique formulations and products stand out not just for their health benefits, but also for their focus on taste and convenience, making the health journey an enjoyable one.

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How Does MCT Wellness Work?

To understand how MCT Wellness powder works, we first need to understand the core ingredient – MCT oil and its composition. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride, a type of fat made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MDFAs). The common MDFAs found in MCT oils are caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12).

“MCTs are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be added to smoothies, coffee, or salad dressings. They can also be used to cook with.” – Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS.

The crucial aspect of MDFAs is the length of their chains. The shorter the chain, the quicker the body can digest and convert it into energy. C6 or caproic acid, while the shortest, is rarely used in MCT oils due to its unpleasant smell and taste. C8 or caprylic acid, being the second shortest and having no odor or flavor, is the preferred choice for MCT oils.

Longer chain MDFAs like C10 and C12 do present their benefits but take more time for the body to process because of their longer chains.

Now let’s bring our focus back to Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness powder. This product is unique as it is constructed solely from C8 or caprylic acid. Due to its shorter chain, it is rapidly metabolized into ketones, providing a swift surge of energy. Moreover, it promotes fat burn through a process called thermogenesis, making it an excellent supplement for those looking for energy boosts during fasting.

Ingredients Analysis


Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness powder boasts a blend of powerful ingredients designed to optimize your health and wellness.

The primary ingredient, Caprylic Acid (C8), is one of the shortest medium-chain fatty acids, which allows for quick digestion and metabolism into ketones. It not only enhances energy levels but brings antimicrobial benefits too. Some studies even suggest that it could assist in managing high cholesterol, digestive woes, and certain skin conditions, making it more than just a weight management aid.

The supplement also incorporates extracts of Blackcurrant and Redcurrant, loaded with polyphenols, a type of antioxidant known for combating inflammation, controlling blood sugar, reducing heart disease risk, and potentially mitigating cancer effects. These extracts may also bolster your immunity.

Another key ingredient, Red Grape Extract, complements the caprylic acid by simulating the effects of calorie restriction. It may further reduce inflammation, improve immunity, and regulate heart rate and glucose levels.

The CongiGrape, or Red Grape Extract, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties and stabilizes sugar molecules, enhancing overall health and immunity. It also encourages nitric oxide production and has scientifically verified cholesterol-lowering properties.

MitoHeal, a blend of Red and Black Currant Extracts, is known for its anti-aging properties, enhancing beauty from within and improving blood circulation.

However, because MCT Wellness is a proprietary blend, it’s challenging to determine the exact amounts of each ingredient and their efficacy. Other ingredients like Acacia gum, which may increase satiety, and Malic acid, Citric acid, and Natural flavor, along with two types of sweeteners – Enzymatically modified stevia and Fermented Rebaudioside-M, contribute to the supplement’s effectiveness and taste.

David Hill, MD, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, says that, “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) support weight loss and fat burning through a combination of metabolic benefits. They are rapidly absorbed and converted by the liver into energy rather than being stored as fat, providing an immediate energy boost. This process can increase the body’s fat oxidation rate, leading to more efficient burning of stored fat. Additionally, MCTs promote a thermogenic effect, which enhances calorie burning even at rest. They also stimulate satiety hormones, helping to control appetite and reduce overall food intake.”

In short, Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness powder is a concoction of potent ingredients, each contributing to various facets of health and wellness. Nevertheless, the lack of transparency about ingredient amounts leaves room for questions about the product’s effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of Gundry MD MCT Wellness


  • Energy Boost: Users have reported a noticeable increase in energy levels.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: The product seems to elevate cognitive functioning, resulting in improved focus and mental clarity.
  • Varied Flavor Choices: The supplement comes in a variety of pleasing flavors, catering to different taste preferences.
  • Effortless Dissolution: The powder format ensures that the supplement dissolves quickly and seamlessly in any beverage.
  • Additional Health Benefits: Beyond energy and mental clarity, there are other health perks associated with its usage.
  • Convenient Powder Form: The powder form is user-friendly, making it easy to use and carry.


  • Lack of Unflavored Variant: There is no unflavored option available for those preferring a neutral taste.
  • Premium Pricing: The product is relatively expensive, making it less accessible to some consumers.


Benefits of MCT Wellness

  1. MCT Wellness powder offers a broad array of advantages.
  2. First-hand experience with the product revealed impressive benefits.
  3. Provides mental sharpness and helps to stay alert and focused.
  4. Effectively manages hunger, keeping users feeling full and satisfied for an extended period.
  5. Surpasses expectations with its energy-boosting capabilities.
  6. A great morning pick-me-up, comparable to daily caffeine intake.
  7. Easily mixed with water, invigorates mornings without jitteriness.
  8. Current extracts amplify mental clarity, enhancing mental agility.
  9. Sustained energy throughout the day, no additional food or coffee required.
  10. Can be incorporated into morning water or blended into smoothies.
  11. Consistently delivers mental acuity and a stable energy boost.

Side Effects of MCT Wellness

While MCT Wellness is celebrated for its numerous health benefits, it’s necessary to be aware of potential side effects. Although no adverse effects have been officially reported, some users have reported experiencing digestive discomfort.

These symptoms may include feelings of nausea, occurrences of diarrhea, and an upset stomach. These effects are usually temporary and tend to lessen as the body adjusts to the supplement.

However, if they persist or cause significant discomfort, it’s advised to discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

Is MCT Wellness Worth It?

When evaluating the value of MCT Wellness, several factors come into play. Consider not only the cost but also the unique advantages it offers. While Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness may be pricier than other brands, it includes exclusive ingredients that shouldn’t be overlooked, even if they’re not as concentrated as some prefer.

The product undergoes third-party testing and is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. It meets the standards of reputable brands like Nature’s Way, Naomi, and Garden of Life. Opting for the subscription membership program and buying in bulk can save you money, despite the higher cost per serving.

MCT Wellness is available from pharmacies, vitamin shops, and online retailers. However, purchasing directly from Gundry MD offers significant savings with their free membership or subscription.

Buying in bulk can save you money, but the best value comes from purchasing six jars through the company’s subscription program. This reduces the cost per serving from $2.66 to $1.24. While it still requires an investment of over $200, it’s a significant drop from the original price of over $400. Considering the unique benefits and potential savings, MCT Wellness is a great value for those committed to wellness and optimal health.



Based on our comprehensive analysis and customer reviews, Gundry MD MCT Wellness emerges as a potent solution for individuals seeking enhanced mental clarity, improved digestion, and a boost in energy. The organization’s dedication to improving customer health is clearly manifested in this product.

Commendable reports of noticeable results within the first week of usage have flooded in, reinforcing the product’s effectiveness. The most profound results were observed after four weeks of uninterrupted use, indicating the compound benefits of consistent use. As always, it’s crucial to adhere to the provided instructions.

With overwhelmingly positive online testimonials, we confidently endorse Gundry MD MCT Wellness as a reliable aid for those embarking on a weight loss journey while prioritizing overall health. You can also check our other best product for weight loss ‘Nucific Bio-X4’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Defining MCT: What Exactly Is It?

A. MCT is an abbreviation for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, a type of fatty acid comprising three chains that energize your body. The medium length of these chains enables easier conversion into energy, unlike Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCTs) found in several oils like soy and sunflower.

Q. MCT Oil’s Origin: Where Does It Come From?

A. The Vital source of MCT oil is coconut oil. However, it can also be extracted from palm kernel oil, which has faced backlash due to its role in tropical deforestation.

Q. The Health Benefits of MCT Oil: What Can It Do for Me?

A. MCT oil potentially enhances weight loss, boosts energy, and augments athletic performance. Some scientific findings also suggest it could improve cognitive function, manage diabetes, reduce inflammation, and aid in conditions like autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

Q. Administration of MCT Oil: What’s the Ideal Way?

A. MCT oil comes in liquid, powder, and capsule forms. There’s no scientific consensus favoring one form over another for efficacy. Some users find powder forms gentler on the stomach, but the choice ultimately depends on your preference.

Q. Daily Consumption of MCT Oil: Is It Safe?

A. While long-term research on MCT oil is limited, one study found it safe for use over 16 weeks. However, the study wasn’t focused specifically on long-term MCT oil use. It’s generally safe at recommended dosages, but remember, the long-term effects on humans are still unresearched.

Q. Side Effects of MCT Oil: What Should I Watch Out For?

A. Common side effects include gastrointestinal issues like stomach upset, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In rare cases, long-term usage could lead to liver fat accumulation.

Q. MCT Oil and Fasting: Will It Break My Fast?

A. A typical serving of MCT oil, while keto-friendly, contains around 115 calories, which could potentially break your fast depending on your caloric limit during fasting.

Q. MCT Oil and Ketosis: Is There a Connection?

A. Indeed, MCTs are known for their ability to produce ketones, potentially inducing ketosis without fasting or following a traditional ketogenic diet. This is especially true for a type of MCT known as caprylic acid or C8.

Q. The Taste: What Does MCT Oil Taste Like?

A. MCT oil has a mild or neutral taste, allowing for a variety of flavors in commercial products. Whether you prefer fruity flavors like Raspberry Medley or Watermelon Lemonade, or creamy flavors like Vanilla Coconut Swirl, there’s an MCT oil out there for you.


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    Jane S. May 20, 2024

    I wish I had started taking this earlier!

    MCT Wellness has seriously boosted my energy and overall well-being in just a week. I’ve gotten back into activities I had given up on because of fatigue and even lost a few pounds.

    Jen Carly December 12, 2023

    Revitalized Energy and Mental Clarity

    After a month of daily use, MCT Wellness has become my go-to supplement. It brought mental clarity from day one and a sustained, jitter-free energy akin to green tea. Additionally, it has regulated my irregularity, leaving me feeling rejuvenated daily. Ordered my second jar already – a must-try for anyone seeking a holistic wellness boost!


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