Medex Red Dent X-700 Review: My Daily Use Insights

Medex Red Dent X-700 Review: Curious about this device's effectiveness? Explore my detailed review and uncover the truth behind its claims.

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Updated :Jul 18, 2024
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Many products claim improved results in oral hygiene, yet it is hard to find sometimes which product genuinely worked.

I have tried everything from toothpaste that promised healthier gums, not to mention the regularly scheduled visits to the dentist. But my gum issues were still far from being resolved.

I stumbled to find the Medex Red Dent X-700. I was especially drawn to the claims of red and infrared light therapy being deeply healing. I am quite interested in the applications of this unit for treating receding gums and periodontal disease, which have been an issue for years.

So, with high hopes and great expectations on the Medex Red Dent X-700, off I went on this search of possibly finding a non-invasive solution for my troubled oral cavity.

Overview of Medex Red Dent X-700

Medex Red Dent X-700 is a professional, red and infrared light therapy device used as a deeper healing modality for gum diseases. This clinically tested device treats receding gums, periodontal gum disease, and many other oral health problems with a noninvasive light device at an economical price for optimum oral hygiene.

Working at the root of the problem by using its powerful red and infrared light, Medex Red Dent X-700 enhances cellular regeneration, increases blood flow, and improves general health in gingiva.

Perfect for at-home use, this device empowers people to regain control over their oral health without pricey trips to the dentist’s office. User-friendly in design, full of advantages, the Medex Red Dent X-700 is a must to get a better and healthier oral cavity for a pain-free, confident smile.

Key Highlights: Why the Medex Red Dent X-700?

Clinically Proven Therapy

Utilizes both red and infrared light therapy, proven to be clinically helpful for people with gum disease.

Provision of Full Oral Care

Receding gums, periodontal disease, bad breath, and sensitivity of teeth are all treated.

Improved Sleep

Reduced gum and tooth pain for comfortable and painless sleep.

Health Benefits

It easily heals naturally without the side effects of harmful pills.

Permanent In Nature

The solution it offers to oral health problems is long-lasting, unlike the other temporary solution methods.

Confidence Boosting

To confidently smile in public with healthy gums and teeth.

Oral Health Benefits of Red and Infrared Light Therapy

What is Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy depends on wavelengths of light that can’t be seen by the human eye but can penetrate deep into tissues. This type of light is found just past visible light on the spectrum and is a well-known stimulant of cellular activity. It is used in medical therapies to enhance healing by reducing inflammation and pain.

Benefits of Red and Infrared Light Therapy to the Integrity of the Oral Structures

Red light and infrared light therapy have these oral health benefits, which prove very beneficial in the treatment of various dental issues. Some of the concerns that it gives a cure for include:

  • Deep Tissue Penetration: The penetration from an infrared source can be deep into the gum and other oral tissues. This is inclusive of traditional healing, whereby the cells are afforded effective rejuvenation.
  • Cell Regeneration: Red and infrared light therapy stimulates production of the adenosine triphosphate, which is an essential part of cellular energy. This effect rapidly garners an increase in ATP production for the regeneration of cells and therefore more rapid healing of the injured fabrics within the oral cavity.
  • Reduction of Inflammation: An anti-inflammatory influence of red and infrared light irradiation, decreasing swelling and soreness in the gums. This is especially useful in diseases like periodontal disease where inflammation is high.
  • Pain Reducing Effects: Having analgesic properties, the therapy is applied to free patients from gum disease, tooth sensitivity, or postsurgical recovery; it reduces pain, enhancing overall comfort hence life quality.
  • Killing of Pathogenic Bacteria: The growth of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth can be controlled by red and infrared light therapy. This, in turn, may improve oral hygiene and reduce problems such as bad breath and other gum infections.
  • Faster Healing After Surgery: For patients undergoing dental surgeries, this treatment can speed up healing. It will help in reducing post-surgical pain by promoting and enhancing the healing process naturally so that normal oral functions are restored faster.

You could actually feel them by using red and infrared light therapy to your daily oral care routine with the Medex Red Dent X-700, hence the improvements in oral health and a bright smile will all emanate from good oral health. In addition to the oral health benefits discussed here, you can enhance your pain management and healing process with the Medex Healing Pad X-400, which provides targeted heat therapy for other areas of your body.

My Personal Experience with the Medex Red Dent X-700

This is an overview of my personal experience with the Medex Red Dent X-700
After a few days the product was used.

Initial Days

  • The device is straightforward to set up and start using right away.
  • Initially, there is a mild warming sensation when using the device, which feels soothing.
  • Within the first few days, there’s noticeable relief from mild gum discomfort and sensitivity.

After a Few Weeks

  • After consistent use, gums appear healthier and less inflamed.
  • Significant reduction in tooth sensitivity, allowing for a wider range of foods and drinks without discomfort.
  • Dentists note improvement in gum condition during routine check-ups.

After a Month

  • Noticeable healing of gum tissues, with receding gums showing signs of regeneration.
  • Overall improvement in oral health, including fresher breath and reduced plaque buildup.
  • Increased confidence due to better oral hygiene and less gum-related discomfort.


Directions for Using Medex Red Dent X-700

Use the device on a daily basis or as recommended by its manufacturer for optimal results.

This, therefore, means that with consistent application, one is able to realize and maintain the desired benefits associated with the enhancement of the lips.

Step 1

Turn on the Medex Red Dent X-700 using the power button.

Step 2

Place the silicone mouthpiece in your mouth, so that it is seated comfortably against the gums and teeth.

Step 3

Use 5 minutes daily to use the product at your convenience and from anywhere.

Step 4

The device automatically turns off after completion of the set treatment time.

Step 5

Clean the mouthpiece with lukewarm water after use.

Before and After Using Medex Red Dent X-700

Certainly! Accumulated here in points are the before and after effects of the application of Medex Red Dent X-700 for clear and easy comprehension of its efficacy.

Before Using

  • Gums bleed and are sensitive and swollen all the time.
  • Often suffers from bad breath due to increased bacteria in the mouth.
  • Frequent visits to the dentist for gum treatment and to manage sensitivity.
  • Suffer long with a continuous aching gum and teeth that become manifold after eating or brushing.
  • Being self-conscious of both gum appearance and breath odor while in society.
  • The patient is forced to depend on expensive, invasive treatments that yield only short-term results.

After Use

  • Lesser bleeding, inflammation, and the gum in general is healthier.
  • Significant freshness in breath.
  • Relief from pain in the gums and the teeth because it is easier to chew food and to clean teeth properly.
  • Feels more comfortable when talking to others, given the healthier gums, which enable a fresher breath.
  • The results are long lasting, availing one the need to avoid paying repeatedly for expensive treatments.
  • Better overall oral hygiene, improved visibly and firming of gums.

Safety Precautions and Usage Tips

There are important safety precautions and usage tips for the Medex Red Dent X-700

  • Consult your dentist, especially in severe gum problems, before initiation of use.
  • Rinse the mouthpiece at least every day to prevent bacterial growth.
  • The device should be used for the same period of time and should not be more than 5 minutes daily.
  • Store the equipment in a cool and dry place out of use.
  • Strictly follow the user manual for the best result and safety.

Is Medex Red Dent X-700 worth it?

Effective Treatment against Gum Disease

  • Clinically proven to aid receding gums and periodontal disease.
  • Aids in regeneration and considerably reduces inflammation, hence contributing to the regrowth of the surrounding gum tissues.

Non-Invasive, Time Saving

  • Is a non-invasive method for traditional dental problems.
  • Can be utilized during one’s own convenience from one’s home and could save a lot of time and extra comfort.

Oral Health Improvement

  • Cleans up lousy bacteria in the mouth, so bacteria will not remain to get rid of bad breath and infections.
  • It assists blood flow and thus brings healthier and disease-free gums. It reduces the sensitivities of the teeth.

Customer Feedback

  • Many users say that it brings improvement in the way they feel inside the mouth and that their oral health is becoming better.
  • Users found it very useful and simple to use, it’s convenient.

Money-Return Warranty

  • 60-day money-return warranty, so there is no risk in trying out the device.
  • Provides the confidence in the product that it is working and satisfaction with customers.




I have used this Medex Red Dent X-700 pretty generously, and in no time, it has become revolutionary when it comes to oral health. Phototherapy with the help of red and infrared light has proved very magnificent for handling gum disease by lessening inflammation. This gives a non-invasive, economical alternative for a lot of visits to the dentist due to very costly treatments.

What increases its reliability is the fact that the user experience is very facile, not in the least bit of a hassle, so it easily can be plugged into daily routines. Positive feedback from other users using their satisfaction guarantee bolsters its reliability even more. On the whole, Medex Red Dent X-700 not only ensures perfect oral health but also boosts your confidence, giving long-term guaranties that will be worth the investment for anyone looking for a cover-all solution to all problems related to oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does red light therapy really work for gum disease?

A. Yes, clinical studies have shown that red light therapy can help improve gum health and reduce inflammation.

Q. How often should I use the Medex Red Dent X-700?

A. Use the device for 5 minutes daily.

Q. Is it safe to use at home?

A. Yes, the device is designed for safe home use with no significant side effects reported.

Q. When can I expect to see results?

A. Initial improvements can be seen within a few days, with more substantial benefits after a few weeks.

Q. Can it help with tooth sensitivity?

A. Yes, the device has been effective in reducing tooth sensitivity for many users.

Q. What if I don’t see any improvement?

A. The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any results.

Q. How long do the lights last?

A. The LEDs are designed to last for thousands of hours, ensuring long-term use.

Q. Is the device easy to clean?

A. Yes, the mouthpiece can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water after each use.

Q. Can children use this device?

A. It is recommended for adult use. Consult a dentist before allowing children to use it.

Q. Will it help with bad breath?

A. Yes, it helps reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath, leading to fresher breath.


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