4 Easiest Ways to get iPhone 6 for a Cheaper Price

Apple reported that in a span of three days after their launch, 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c models were sold late September 2013. It seems like loyal Apple users easily scramble for the latest Apple product to be the first one to experience these gadgets.2 with hand

Apple will be releasing its iPhone 6 sometime this September. It’s bigger, faster and better than its predecessors. This latest Apple product is $100 more expensive than its predecessor.

If you don’t have that extra money, there are some simple strategies you can do to get your hands on one.

Sell Your Phone

Sell your old iPhone model for a lower price and use that money to supplement your funds for purchasing that iPhone 6. You can sell your iPhone 5s for up to $425. You can sell your iPhone on online marketing sites like eBay or Gazelle.

Trade In2 trade in

Trading in is just like selling your phone. This strategy will put your old iPhone model to use.

Get a Plan

There are providers that can give you inexpensive, flexible plans. Some of these providers, however, demand for really high price for phones that are in-demand.

Patiently Wait            

The most desperate measure is – wait. These technological products easily depreciate. Wait for it to lose its value and become cheaper.

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